KOI’s Matcha Green Tea Latte Now Launched At Toa Payoh!

For those who have been travelling out to Taiwan for KOI’s Matcha Green tea Latte, you’ll be happy to know that it is now launched in Singapore! The popular drink has been sought-after by many over the past few years, and everyone is extremely stoked that we can finally get it here on our shores. 

For those of you who have been waiting for the drink, you’ll be happy to know that it is finally available in Singapore, exclusively at the Toa Payoh branch!

However, do note that the drink is only available while stocks last, so do grab this drink while you still can! 

The good news is that soon, it will be available in all outlets.

The medium size is $4.10 while the large size is $5.70. This doesn’t include any topping.

KOI Cafe in Singapore is more popularly known in Taiwan as 50 岚 (50 Lan). Known for their plethora of bubble teas and golden pearls, KOI rose to fame shortly after launching in Singapore and you can still see snaking queues at various stores even during their non-peak period.


Other than the distinct matcha flavours in the drink, KOI’s Matcha Green Tea Latte is also popularly known for their gorgeous green and white colours that are not only pretty to look at, but also insanely fitting for a gorgeous Instagram shot! 

Using Matcha that are imported from Japan daily, the drinks are also only limited in various portions – only one box of matcha are given to each store per day! 

Some things to take note of before ordering your Green Tea Latte from KOI:

  • Only the iced version if KOI’s Matcha Latte will have the gradient effect
  • You need to inform your bubble preference before they make the drink with the gradient effect You will not be able to choose if you want less or more milk
  • Less sugar level is recommended and if you are afraid of the bitterness of matcha, you can choose 50% sweetness.

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Featured Image: Facebook (KOI Thé Singapore)

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