This Magical Smart Patch is a Godsend to Stressed Out S’poreans

In our fast-paced and modern society, stress is a common thing that is experienced by everyone. 

While stress motivates us to do better, too much stress can actually increase our chances of getting heart diseases, high blood pressure and even obesity.

This is why the Lief smart patch seems like a timely and useful invention to many. 

The Patch that Works Better Than a Stress Ball

The Lief smart patch helps to track and optimise your resiliency to stress by increasing your natural heart rate variability (or HRV) to accommodate your moods. 

A low HRV can be linked to anxiety and poor performance and thus, it is important for to maintain a certain level of HRV which can be done using the Lief smart patch.

The Lief patch is 6mm thin without any straps, and it is designed to fit comfortably on your torso. This will make the experience of wearing the patch comfortable. 

Also, a screen is not necessary to know what the patch is trying to signal. When your body needs to readjust itself, a small vibration will be given by the smart patch and your body simply needs to breathe comfortably according to the vibration. 

The battery can last up to 7 days, making it hassle-free to wear.

How it Works

When your body reacts, the smart patch notices and will begin to vibrate, guiding your breath to your heart’s restorative rhythm. 

Exhale with the vibration and in just 3 minutes, breathing with your heart improves your stress response and the ability to focus on what is important. 

There are 4 different routines for users to choose from, allowing them to train their nervous system every day to maintain physical and emotional resiliency while staying focused. 

1. Control

Increased performance and self-regulation while learning how to control your heart rate.

2. Nudge

Reinforce your own unique practice or exercises from your therapist or coach with a gentle nudge.

3. Resilient

Develop a calmer nervous system and mental state with HRV resonance training.

4. Calm

Practice healthy deep breathing to relax the mind and keep calm throughout the day.

Train Your Nervous System

The Lief smart patch also works together with the Lief support app to record and make out thinking patterns that affect your body negatively. 

In the app, you can find features such as thought records, progress reviews, self-regulation toolkit, audio exercises and mood rating.

With the Lief smart patch, our nervous system can be trained just like how we train our biceps, allowing for better self-regulation to benefit our body.

Check out the video below:

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