Man Asks on FB How Much He Should Earn & Opens a Floodgate of Depressing Answers

Recently, a man in Johor Bahru asked a highly controversial question on Facebook, opening the floodgates to some seriously shocking answers.


He asked his fellow Malaysians, how much does a man need to earn every month for a potential girlfriend to have a sense of security? He added that he’s not counting those who depend on their rich parents or rich families, as those are exceptions.

The replies were rather unexpected, to put it nicely.

After a quick scroll through the comments from ladies, it seems the lowest suggested amount was 5000 RM.


(Translation: My father supported three of us with RM5k to 6K, and it’s just the bare minimum. My mother has to work a little to help with the expenses. I feel that my family is just living paycheck-by-paycheck.)

Which equates to about 1.7k SGD, but you have to understand that this is Malaysia we’re talking about, where fresh university graduates earn an average of RM2.1k to RM2.5k.

Other responses were even higher, stating that a family’s needs require a lot of expenses, which means the man’s salary would then have to be much higher.


(Translation: RM8K or above)


(Translation: At least RM6k! Living expenses in JB are high.)

Understandably, many men have expressed their shock and despair. It seems they were far from being able to even find a girlfriend, much less start a family and settle down. One frustrated man even questioned the responses, asking if those who mentioned those numbers if they even earned that much themselves.


(Translation: Saw that many people claimed that the guy must earn RM8k to RM10k. Here’s the question: for those who commented, do you earn this amount?)

Meanwhile, the highest amount mentioned was 5k to 6k SGD.


(Translation: 4,000 to 5,000 Singapore dollars. There’re car expenses, housing loan, children’s expenses, household expenses, bills, insurance premiums and whatnot. You still need to save up for your “death”)

(Note: as of now, this comment seems to have been deleted.)

5k to 6k SGD equates to about 15,000 to 18,000 RM, also known as 3 times the average amount suggested by everyone else. This girl might have been dreaming about bagging a rich dude.

Ultimately, when supporting a family comes into question, both the man and woman would probably have to communicate about the financial issues. It seems overly simplistic to just demand a minimum amount of salary before a relationship could even begin.

What do you think?

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