Man Broke Up With GF Of 3 Years After Stepping Into Her Bedroom

What happens if the guy or girl you are currently dating has a “no stepping into my room or taking a peek of my room”policy? Will you be able to live with that kind of rule, or will you break it off with her? 

Well, for this guy, he did it for three years but decided to break things off after stepping into her room for the first time since they started dating.

And boy, was he shocked.

Before you think that the guy was plain overreacting, well, you’re wrong. Sure, her room might look like the messiest of all rooms, but there were more to it.

What really left the guy speechless after seeing the sight, was actually the stench coming out from the room. Not only were the clothes messy, there were even traces of soiled underwear and used sanitary pads lying on the floor.

Like dude, you mean you didn’t smell the stench on her throughout the past 3 years you’ve been together? 

And if you were wondering, the guy had to go into his girlfriend’s room because her mother asked him to place the washed laundry back into her room and that got me thinking – why the hell did the mother not ask her to clean up her room? I mean, they’re basically living under the same roof? 

But anyway, yes, they broke it off. Partly also because the girl was mad that the guy entered her room without permission.

K la, nevermind. I’m sure you’ll find another girlfriend with better hygiene habits.

Else, you have to be prepared to pick up her sanitary pads for the rest of your life and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. 

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