Man Smashed His Own E-Scooter to Pieces in S’pore Instead of Letting LTA Confiscate it

In a video posted on Facebook by the user Mohamed Ali, a Chinese man was seen smashing his own e-scooter on the ground repeatedly to prevent it from being confiscated by the LTA officer. 

In Singapore, e-scooters are banned due to heavily congested roads and police have launched a crackdown.

Caught by an LTA officer

On new year’s day, a Chinese man was seen riding down a road in the business district on his e-scooter. Thus, he was approached by an LTA officer and the scooter was to be confiscated.

However, the Chinese man was unwilling to cooperate and said in mandarin that he “does not want [his e-scooter] anymore” in the video.

He would rather destroy it 

In the second video, it could be seen that the man was extremely furious. He raised the  £500 scooter above his head and smashed it on the ground repeatedly before jumping on it. He would rather destroy the scooter than let the officer confiscate it. 


Although the scooter was destroyed, the officer still collected the remains of the scooter – well, what did you expect? The Chinese man now faces a fine of up to $2000 for riding the scooter on the road – and possibly for smashing it right in front of the officer.

Now he has neither his e-scooter nor money left. 

Many Facebook users who have seen the video found the man hilarious and the video has since been shared more than 4000 times. 

This incident will probably serve as a good warning to those who have not been caught for riding an e-scooter yet to stop using the scooter.

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