Man Tried the “Coupons No Stock” Excuse to Escape Summon, End Up Getting Fined Anyway


an out of new parking coupons? Or simply want to try your luck with the LTA officer? No problem – one joker decided to be funny and left a note on his car’s dashboard, thinking that it will be entertaining. Read on to find out how he was rewarded for his effort.

Driver Left a Cute Note Instead of Parking Coupons


But that’s not just it, because what’s going to really make your day is what the note says: “New Coupon no stock, I eat finish then go another station to buy. Thanks! Cheers M8! (:”

I mean, nothing will go wrong if you were to add a cute, smiley face right? Well, guess what happened next? Makcik Saman decided to reward the cute driver’s effort with a parking ticket! 

Old Coupon Better Than No Coupon


Seriously, though, what made you think that you can get away with a note?

Like a Facebook user commented, “Even if you did not manage to get a new (parking coupon), the least you could have done was to display an old ticket. It would have been more reasonable.”

According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) website, a fine for parking without a coupon can go up to $50, while a fine for displaying an expired coupon can only go up to $40.

All I can say is that you tried, young man, you tried.

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