Manager in Jewellery Shop Allegedly Looked Down on Elderly & Even Told Her to ‘Go Elsewhere’

A Malaysian man complained on Facebook of the terrible service he and his mother received at a well-known jewellery store.

The rant, in Chinese, quickly got (unsurprisingly) viral.


He ranted:

“F#&@. This is the first time I’ve had such a terrible experience while shopping. I brought my mother along to buy some gold accessories, but when we entered the store, no one greeted us. My mother had already sat down, but the manager was still standing to one side playing with his phone, and didn’t even look at her.

“My mother had to call for the manager, and he just looked disdainfully at her. When she asked him if they had any better designs, the manager replied no without even looking, and even asked her to look in Aeon Big, a different store opposite this one!

“What was that supposed to mean? Did I look like I couldn’t afford it? For such a large company like Poh Kong, how can someone who treats their customers so badly be a manager?”

Apparently, this branch of Poh Kong is located at Jusco Kepong.

According to some commenters, the branch, or even that entire chain, is notorious for terrible service. Apparently, the shopkeepers would only treat you well if you look like you have a lot of money.

However, Poh Kong has allegedly reached out to our man here in response to the very public complaints, and expressed their regret at the terrible service.


It would probably do well for them to ensure similar incidents do not happen again, lest they incur the wrath of internet comments. Learn from the mistakes of past failures like United Airlines.

But here’s a takeaway: while this might be an isolated incident, don’t you think that as you’re reading this, something like this is apparently happening elsewhere?

The other difference is that they didn’t post their encounters in Facebook. #justsaying

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