You Might Not Know This, But Your Hair Could Be Ageing Faster Than Your Actual Age

Okay, here’s one bombshell you probably didn’t know: Your hair ages and it ages at a phenomenal rate.

I’m talking about 6 times faster than your face and 12 times faster than your skin. If this were a race, your hair would be the F1 champion every year. No doubt about it.


Now, I’m not a hair professional, not like those from TK TrichoKare where all trichologists (hair & scalp specialists) go through professional training, but that’s why I love Google.

It’s amazing what you can find from the IOT. The good stuff, I mean.

Here’s what you got to know.

The Know-How of White Hair, Balding and Genes


Did you know that the pigment that makes our hair black is called melanin? This pigment is produced by our hair follicles, the production centre of hairs on our scalps.

However, as your scalp age, these factories produced lesser and lesser melanin, which leads to a colour change in your lustrous, black hair. 

Your hair follicles growing old are not just the reason for white hair. They’re also the culprits behind your balding (duh).

Here’s how.


A single strand of hair is made up of many protein strands. As your hair follicles grow older, it starts producing lesser protein strands, which results in thinner hair. 

But that’s if you’re lucky. Many hair follicles stop producing hair and that’s when balding starts and you start hearing those irritating youngsters laugh at your 海底捞 (hai di lao).

And yes, it’ll happen eventually to everyone. But short of wearing a wig, what else can you do?

So What Can You Do?

Just like you see a doctor for illnesses, to solve your hair problems, you got to look for the professionals too.

What if I tell you that there’s a place in Singapore that deals with these specific problems?

Not only do they tell you the age of your hair through their sophisticated equipment and know-how, they have the technology to slow the ageing process down as well.

In layman’s terms, think of it as an anti-ageing formula, just for your hair. And the best thing? It’s based on European herbs so no worries about damaging chemicals with their nasty side-effects. 

TrichoKare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment

If you notice your hair thinning, greying and showing typical signs of ageing, then you might want to give this a shot. Instead of just seeing whether your hair is ageing, there’s an Advanced Tricho Hair Test to discover how old your hair is. 

Using Emu Oil, Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Oxyjet Technology, TrichoKare claims that they can help to combat the first signs of ageing hair like thinning hair, grey hair, dryness, britteness and lacklustre hair.

And don’t say we bojio. Currently, TrichoKare is offering a trial for their new treatment—TrichoKare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment at a discounted price—$40 (when it’s orginally $758). Lest you’re not aware, TrichoKare has won four awards recently: the Elle Beauty Treat List 2017, Her World Spa Awards 2016, Bazaar Hair Awards 2016 and Women Weekly Hair Awards 2016.

And with celebrities such as Xiaxue, Jaynesh and Anand having visited TrichoKare to solve their hair problems, you can bet that it’s effective!

Not only that, they’re also giving a free hair care kit and a HairGro Serum if you get the treatment now @ $40 ONLY (total worth $758)!

And because we’re so curious about hair age (I mean, come on, did you even know that?!), we got one of our colleagues to check it out.

See her smiling so happily? She wasn’t smiling anymore after knowing her hair is 26 years old (she refused to let the world know how old she is, except that she’s younger than 26).

Here’s the before and after images of her scalp.

After the treatment, she felt that her scalp has never been so clean and healthy before in her life.

Even though it’s supposed to be a hair treatment, the staff was so friendly and the treatment so gentle that it actually felt like a hair massage.

Did I mention that you stand to win a 2D1N stay at MBS (worth $680) after the trial treatment? Don’t wait liao: sign up here!

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This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with TrichoKare.

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