Motorbike Sharing Now Available in S’pore; Can be Used for Delivery Gigs

Image: Facebook (Tribecar)

So, you just got your Class 2B licence and are itching for a ride. You approach your BFF Seng, and go down on your knees so that he would let you ride his bike for a day.

“No lah,” Seng said. “Cannot lah.”

“You really not Bro enough leh. I buy the P-plate myself lah, can?”

“Cannot lah, really, not that I—“

“I give you $100 a day?”

“No, my friend—”

“I give you $10,000 a day?”

So Ah Seng bought a bike for you instead after receiving the $10,000.

This might not be a true story, but Seng’s logic, which is usually untrue, is true: he cannot just let anyone ride his bike, even for just ten seconds.

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Any motorcyclist in Singapore would know this: you can’t suka suka ride another person’s bike even if you’ve a valid licence. Unlike private cars, the insurance of a bike usually just covers one rider (and one sub-rider if there’s one), so you can’t just go to a friend and “test-ride” it.

Car insurance works a little different, but let’s leave that for another article.

In other words, in most cases, when you get your Class 2B license, chances are you either buy a bike and ride to your heart’s content, or you let your license rot in your wallet.

But hey: in this digital world whereby even Baby Shark can be a viral hit, anything is possible.

That includes renting a bike—and I’m not referring to the pedalling kind. I’m referring to a real motorbike.

“Cubs” on Rental

Tribecar, a car-sharing firm in Singapore, now provides more than just cars, because for the first time in Singapore, you can now even rent a motorbike and be like the Undertaker.


Ok, no, maybe not: the bikes aren’t a Harvey Davidson from Harvey Norman, but a Honda Wave or Yamaha Jupiter.

Anyone who’s a biker would fondly call them “cubs”, and if you ride one, you’re a “Cub Kia”. Basically, it’s a small bike that can get you from point A to B easily, because #SmallisFast

Depending on the time, it’ll cost between $0.54 to $1.61 per hour. Rent it for a day and that’ll set you back by $9.63 or $10.70 per day. Of course, you’ll have to pay for your own petrol (and obviously, your own parking).

To be eligible, you need to between 22 years old to 65 years old with a valid riding class of licence (which is Class 2B), and have two years of riding experience (i.e. no P-plate). You can’t ride it into Malaysia, but you can use it to do delivery gigs like Deliveroo or courier.

Just note that helmet is not provided, so you’ll have to get one yourself. Wait, you do know that riding requires a helmet, right?

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How it Works

From the looks of it, it works almost similar to bike-sharing, just that the motorbikes are on the road instead and there are 220+ various locations scattered throughout Singapore to collect / park them.

You can also book it in advance.

However, it seems like the bikes are in rather high demand: I tried searching for one for tomorrow from 8:00 a.m., and there’s only on available at Woodlands.

A similar search for a car for the same time reflected countless results from various parts of Singapore.

A $100 deposit is also needed for Singaporeans. You can sign up here.

I’m not sure about you, but this kind of motivate me to go for a 2B license. I mean, renting a bike? That wasn’t even something I’d have imagined to be a reality back in the days when I slogged in BBDC.

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