M’sia Girl Confessed Breaking Up With Super Calculative BF Who Fought Over SGD$0.50

Gone were the days when guys forked out the bill at every single date.

Times have changed, perceptions have changed, and of course the bill debates have changed too.

In current times, it’s not considered abnormal for the girl to pay for the bill instead!

A recent post on UTAR Confessions (UTAR is like SIM in Malaysia) Facebook Page became a trending topic, because it featured a girl that broke up with her over-calculative boyfriend over a packet of noodles.

Sounds preposterous? Yeah it did to me too.

According to the girl’s post, her boyfriend has always been the calculative type. When petrol prices increased, the guy wasted no time in reminding her of the previous road trip to Ipoh.

The girl spontaneously offered to pay RM 20, and while he initially refused to take it he accepted it in the end anyway.

Another incident was when he picked her up from a bus stop when it was raining. While you might think it’s a sweet gesture, and she obviously thought so too, it all vanished into thin air when he asked her whether they should share the costs for the carpool.

His reasoning? He’s always shared fuel costs with his other friends when carpooling to class.

He even asked his friends what he should do, and only said it was fine when they said, well she’s effectively his girlfriend so it’s alright to treat her.

The breaking point, however, apparently came when he bought a packet of noodles for her. She paid him back for the packet, but he requested for an extra RM 1.50 (SGD 0.50) because he added extra noodles for her.

She did pay him back, but that was the last straw.

Image: Fried Chillies

In the post, she stated that she did understand the notion of going Dutch, but he just took it a bit too far, thus leading her to end the relationship.

Here’s the post in Chinese if you like reading the original version:

如果你有个 加面 RM1.50 加饭RM1.50 加蛋RM1.20 都要和你算得清清楚楚的男朋友,这段感情走得下去吗?

打包了饭RM5.50 我还他5.50,他说刚才有加面给你,1.50啊。 哦哦,马上拿RM2还他。其实我不是不还他,只是他没说我也不懂加面。这类似的事情发生了大概4,5次。 我是你女朋友就1.50或1.20你都要那么计较吗?

打车油篇- 这个月车油起价了。他:上星期我们还去怡宝看电影。我:哦,是啊。马上从钱包拿RM20给他(车油)他:哎呀,不用啦不用啦。我说:没关系啦(不想他不开心)他:哎呀,好啦,放进我的钱包就好(他钱包刚好在桌上)。

载女友去上课篇- 平时上课是坐巴士的,那天下雨了我和他刚好就在信息聊天着。我说在等巴士,他说我去载你吧(我心里好开心,因为他从来没主动说要载我上课或回家)隔天他和我说昨天去载你,我的车油平时都是载朋友一起去上课然后平分除的,载你了怎么算? 我说:呃,可是才载一次应该没关系吧,还是怎么办吖?他说:我问朋友看看。还真的去问朋友了,他的朋友们说没关系啦,你女朋友叻。

大家都是学生,我了解AA制是应该的。但是你是不是太…… 什么了呢?



好呗,祝你找到那个以后每天加蛋加面加饭都会主动+记得还你钱的老婆。 我们不适合。我也不想去磨合再去适合你,因为这不是我要的感情生活。 可以说我现实,我就是想要有一位加蛋加面加饭都不和计较的男朋友而已。

She does accept the possibility of him calling him materialistic, but also questions whether he really thought he could go Dutch all the way in a relationship.

The topic has been a pretty open discussion so far, with opinions backing up both sides of the equation.

I, personally, feel that the boyfriend could have afforded to be more big-hearted, but that’s just my take.

What’s yours?

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