Old Chang Kee’s Curry Times Now Selling Heavenly Salted Egg Curry Chicken Rice

Image: Old Chang Kee

Everyone loves Old Chang Kee. From the young 6-year-old on the streets to that fifty-year-old uncle drinking at the coffee shop.

Singaporeans love curry. And we love everything that has salted egg in it.

Well, for this period, Old Chang Kee is looking to combine three of Singaporeans’ greatest love into one heavenly package.

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Introducing…The Heavenly Salted Egg Curry Chicken Rice 

Image: Old Chang Kee

From 6 Sep 2018 onwards, Curry Times is rolling out the Heavenly Salted Egg Curry Chicken Rice at all Curry Times outlets.

Imagine biting into crispy, fragrant chicken chunks, covered with salted egg yolk and drizzled in salted egg curry sauce over fragrant white rice.

Think salted egg crab, except with chicken bites and curry.

Image: memegenerator.net

Remember I said above that Old Chang Kee is combining three of Singaporeans’ greatest loves into one?

The first one is curry, and the second, salted egg. Third, but not least, is free stuff.

For this period, Curry Times will be giving you a complimentary glass of winter melon drink with every plate of salted egg yolk curry chicken rice.

And to top it off, the salted egg curry chicken rice only sets you back by $10.90. A pretty affordable price considering the aircon environment that makes you feel like you’re eating in a restaurant.

Complete with drinks and all.

And that’s not all.

Curry Times Classic Laksa is Making a Comeback as Well

Image: Old Chang Kee

This isn’t just any Singapore laksa. It’s the Singaporean laksa that our parents used to have for their first dates.

Cooked with a homemade recipe and served with shrimp, chicken, fish cake, fried tofu in an authentic broth, this laksa contains no coconut milk.

Which makes it healthier and lighter, but just as good as regular laksa you’ll be able to get out there.

Each bowl of Curry Times’ classic laksa is going for just $8.90.

But make sure to be fast because these are not permanent items but limited-time period items only.

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P/S: Did You Know You Can Get Brown Rice at Curry Times?

By the way, if you’re as health-conscious as my handsome colleague, did you know that Curry Times carries brown rice as well?

Brown rice is higher in fibre and lower in cholesterol, which makes it as healthy as rice can ever get.

And the best part?

It’s free to switch your fragrant white rice to brown rice too!

Image: currytimes.com.sg

Now, if you’re at Curry Times Westgate, Novena, ONE KM & Changi Airport T3 outlets, simply request to switch the white rice to brown rice at no extra charge.

If you’re buying it ala carte, each bowl costs $1.20++.

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