These Outlets House Previous Years CNY Toto Winners #JustSaying

During Chinese New Year, everyone hopes that they will be lucky enough to win the lottery as well as the TOTO Hongbao draw.

This year, the TOTO Hongbao draw Jackpot prize is $7 million dollars, attracting everyone out there to try their luck at TOTO.

Last year, many people flocked to the Singapore Pools outlets that the past winners placed their bets at as well as the Singapore Pools HQ at Middle Road. More than 400 people witnessed the draw at Singapore Pools HQ last year.

Winning outlets in Singapore

Last year, one of the winning tickets was purchased at a Livewire outlet in Marina Bay Sands. The other came from Ng Teo Guan Self Service at Block 301, Ubi Avenue 1. Ng Teo Guan Self Service also provided the winning tickets in 2014 and 2002 – just so you know *hint hint*.

Below are the outlets that have the most Group 1 winners in 2015:

Delisia Agency Pte Ltd, Diercool Engineering, Lee Eng Trading Store, NTUC FairPrice Hougang St 21, NTUC FairPrice Serangoon Central Hypermart, NTUC FairPrice Tampines Mall, Singapore Pools Clementi Town Centre Branch, Singapore Pools Teck Whye Branch, Tan Wee Fong Trading, Teo Khar Bee Agency

2016 marks the fifth time the number 20 has been a winning number in the Hongbao draw. Number 18 and 16 have also appeared four times in the draw.

So yes, if you are intending to bet TOTO with your angbao money this year, or if this year happens to be your lucky year and you want to huat – you know where to go. 

Since it does not cost much to purchase a TOTO ticket, why not try out your luck just once during Chinese New Year? You may even be the next lucky winner! 

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