Part 2 Of Michelle Chong’s Netflix Trailer Is Even More Ah Lian and More Powderful

It’s not uncommon to find Michelle Chong working on huge projects these days because she’s extremely talented as both an artiste and as a director.

Now, she has even gone all out to work with Netflix to create a trailer for the popular series Orange Is The New Black that was conceptualised and written by her!

Titled Ah Lian in Litchfield, it stars Michelle Chong as a Singaporean ‘Ah Lian’ in Litchfield prison, a prison in the series where all the inmates are kept behind bars. 

Facebook: Michelle Chong

If you have not watched the trailer, you should totally check it out here because it is definitely something that all Singaporeans should be proud of.

And if you have and you loved it like we did, you’re going to be so stoked to know that that Netflix just uploaded part 2 of the trailer yesterday (who would have expected a part 2?!)! 

This time, it also stares Michelle Chong and Uzo Uduba – also known as ‘Crazy Eyes’ on the show who steadily rose to fame for her impressive acting skills.

Image: Facebook (Netflix)

In this new trailer, it shows Michelle Chong in the Litchfield cafeteria, looking as Ah Lian as ever. She even starts off the dialogue by using the popular Hokkien expletive 

“Kua Simi Lan Ji**?!”

Facebook: NETFLIX

And also took the chance to showcase some of the popular Singaporean culture

Facebook: NETFLIX

To which Crazy Eyes replies…

She said ‘Singaporean alien’, by the way. But it’s okay, we still gotta give her props for trying to speak Singlish in the truly Singaporean way! 

You can catch the full trailer here

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Featured Image: Facebook (Netflix)

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