Pizza Hut’s Delivery Promo Gives Two Pizzas + Sides For $22 (U.P $46.50)

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When it comes to the food in Singapore, pizza is one of the ang moh food that everybody loves.

From young 6-year-old kids to 78-year-old uncles, everybody loves eating pizza for a meal.

In fact, we can even say that it’s like the ang moh version of cai png. Same base but different ingredients every. Single. Time.

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When it comes to Pizza, Pizza Hut is arguably one of the best in Singapore. Even though a range of cheaper (and with more variety) pizza businesses set up shop here on our little red dot, Pizza Hut seems infallible.

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Except, it can be pretty pricey.

But not during this period though.

Imagine this

You’re watching the finals of the Fifa World Cup 2018. Possibly even see a reenactment of Neymar’s legendary roll on the field.

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While watching such an Oscar-worthy performance, wouldn’t it be awesome to be munching on a piece of pizza at the same time?

For cheap.

Introducing…Pizza Hut’s 2 For 22 PLUS FREE Sides

Okay, this isn’t exactly a new deal, it’s been around for some time already. But still, it’s worth a mention because unless you’re a glutton who’s always hanging around food sites, you might not know about this.

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Pizza Hut’s pizzas are considered one of the best in Singapore. From the savoury seafood pizza with a mayo base to the ever-regular Hawaiian pizza, every Singaporean would’ve tried it once.

Well, for this World Cup season, here’s what I’d suggest that you do.

Go to their website and enjoy two regular pizzas + a choice of free side from just $22 only.

And if you happen to have more people wanting a slice of the cake, or in this case, pizza? Go for the large version of their pizzas instead from $33.

And here’s the good news.

Image: Pizza Hut Singapore

They deliver until 2 am.

But There’s a Catch

Now, Pizza Hut is famous for two things.

Their pizzas and the sweet n’ spicy drumlets.


Before Korean Fried Chicken ever thought of setting foot in Singapore, the sweet n’ spicy drumlets were already capturing Singaporeans’ hearts here.

Unfortunately, it’s not in the 2-for-$22 or 2-for-$33 package.


But if you’re truly crazy over the sweet n spicy drumlets, you might want to check out their World Cup Match Day promo.

Image: Pizza Hut Singapore

From $40, you can get yourself 2 Regular-size pizzas and 10 Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets + drinks.

If you share with four people? That’s $10 per pax.


Don’t Want To Pay The Delivery Fee?

Sometimes, you might be on the way home, or maybe, you’re just a bit too cheapo to pay for the delivery fee when the nearest Pizza Hut outlet is just a few minutes walk away.

There’s this deal that’s been around for a long time, but very under-used.

Image: Pizza Hut Singapore

Just make your way down to any Pizza Hut outlet and you want to enjoy their Wow! Take-Away promo where you can get a personal pan pizza for $5, regular for $10 and a large for just $15.

And the best thing?

This promo is valid any time, any day.

That’s right.

Any time. Any day.

So what are you waiting for? So many pizza promos waiting for you to exploit- Sorry, I mean, enjoy.

You can order your pizza online here.

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