Playing Pokemon Go During Lessons? This Teacher’s Punishment is Downright Cruel

What are you supposed to do when the elusive Dragonite appears when you’re having lessons?

Catch it, of course.

Just don’t do it in this teacher’s class.

Facebook user Being a Nerd uploaded an image of a teacher’s savage rules for wannabe trainers who decide to go Poke-hunting during school hours.

Image: Facebook (Being A Nerd)
Image: Facebook (Being a Nerd)

Rather than the conventional punishment of confiscating phones, the teacher has quite the Pokemon-appropriate torture for them.

For their first offence, students would have all their Pokeballs wasted. The worst part? It’ll be used “on a Pidgey or a Rattata”. Ouch.

If they’re caught twice, offenders would have their Incense and Lucky Egg used. In the wise words of the sensei, “Pokemon might be surrounding you, but you’re out of ways to catch them.”

And for the grand finale, trainers would have their highest level Pokemon transferred. “1 candy in exchange for a 1453 CP Dragonite… Seems fair.”

Feature Image: Facebook (Being a Nerd)

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