Righteous Lady Filmed Bus Driver Who Admitted That He Beat the Red Lights

There are two types of people in the world.

People who stand up for what they think is right, and those who just want to show they’re right.

You decide which category the woman we’re going to talk about belongs to.

Woman’s argument with bus driver because he beat red light caught on film

On 4 July 2017, a video of a heated argument between a bus captain and a woman was uploaded on STOMP.

The bus driver, driving bus service 354, beat a red light outside Downtown East. 

A woman took up her mobile phone and started arguing with the driver while filming the entire process.

The driver could be heard pleading with the woman to stop in the video.

Relentlessly, the woman continued to pressure him and ask if he beat a red light, to which the driver simply replied that he did.

She then proceeded to rip him a new one, asking him what he would do if he really knocked down a person because of his actions.

His job is to ferry commuters safely to their destination, not anyhow drive

When she contributed the video to STOMP, she said:

His primary job is to ferry commuters safely to their destination. Not driving recklessly and be a potential hazard to passengers and pedestrians.

Before an innocent person falls victim, I sincerely hope that appropriate measures can be taken to investigate this incident.

Watch the video for yourself below:

The Operator, Go-Ahead Singapore, Responded To The Incident

The public transport provider, Go-Ahead Singapore, said they are currently investigating the situation.

They added, “Commuter safety will always be our first priority and this matter is being reviewed as a matter of urgency.”

But here’s a thought: What she did to the driver while he’s driving could be considered as endangering the commuters on the bus too, isn’t it?

Are you a #teamrighteouslady or a #teambusdriver?

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Feature Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

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