This Self-Cleaning Shirt That Repels Smell and Stains is a Godsend to Office Guys

If you’ve just graduated from school and joined the workforce as an office worker, you probably have this problem. Wearing a shirt and making it look presentable throughout the day. 

Make no mistake, guys love their shirts. Putting one on makes you look sharper and smarter almost immediately. At the same time, guys hate their shirts as well because they’re incredibly high maintenance.

Just like girlfriends who are high maintenance, you’ll get sick and tired of trying to look good all the time and before you know it, you stopped trying. That’s when you stopped looking like a professional, young man and instead, looked like a middle-aged man in his mid-life crisis. 

But what if I tell you there’s a shirt out there that’s stain-free, odour-free, wrinkle-free and a couple of other minor add-ons? Unbelievable? Read on.

Labfresh Odor, Stain & Wrinkle Repellent Cotton Shirts

Word on the streets goes that there’s a shirt out there so godly, so amazing that it repels anything. From stains to blood, wrinkles to odours, nothing can stick to the shirt at all. 

Imagine this: a shirt that no longer makes you sweat buckets while walking under the hot, hot sun and you don’t have to wake up an hour earlier just to iron it painstakingly.

And the best thing is, it’s odour-free so you can re-wear it for all five days and no one will notice! No more wardrobe troubles!

Different from current products on the market

According to Labfresh, the self-cleaning shirt is different from current technology on the market. Current stain-proof products have a type of resin covering the entire shirt, making it feel like you’re wearing a raincoat instead of a shirt.

The self-cleaning shirt by Labfresh, however, is completely breathable and feels completely premium because the cotton strands are treated before being weaved together. 

But There’s a Catch

Of course, there’s a catch. There has to be one, right? For this case, it’s the price. For a shirt, you have to pay €99 (~S$174). Of course, if you’re planning to wear one shirt for all 5 days, then it’s a pretty good deal.

The Kickstarter project has already surpassed its initial goal of €15,000 and has gathered over €40,000. 

And they have a stainless tie to go along with your shirt if you want to. Check out their Kickstarter project here.

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