Spooky: This creepy selfie went viral and scared the hell out of netizens online

Having made its way into the Cambridge Dictionary, the selfie has already taken the world by storm, filling the Internet with pictures of lame people with duckfaces. Perhaps this self-indulgent habit is incurring the wrath of more than just sensible, right-minded people, as suggested by this selfie below.

Image: Twitter (@itsthemans)

It looks like an innocent couple taking a selfie, but the reflection on the door behind them suggests otherwise. Someone–or something–is obviously looking back at the camera, sparking a torrent of retweets and a feature on 9gag.

We’re all probably hoping this is just another prank courtesy of Photoshop; if it is, it’s a pretty good job as well. Either that…or Voldemort is real.

If this doesn’t get you to stop taking selfies, you might want to consider getting a blessing or two from your nearest place of worship before the same thing happens to you.


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