STB Just Gave The Most Savage Reply To Criminal Mind’s Inaccurate Portrayal of S’pore

It’s not every day Singapore gets featured in an episode of an American TV Series. But when we do, all eyes are peeled to make sure that there aren’t any discrepancies in any portrayals shown. But alas, there were a couple of things (more than a couple, actually) amiss in the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders episode of Singapore, and everyone flipped.

If you are still catching up on the news, here’s an overview of some of the places or people that were wrongly portrayed in the TV series, as critiqued by our favourite podcast personality, Mr. Brown from The Mr. Brown Show.

And of course, many Singaporeans were enraged.


Thankfully, the Singapore Tourism Board had all our backs, and managed to come up with a savage reply the official Facebook page of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders by sharing a series of photos that portrayed Singapore in a “criminally” shiok manner. 

Let us take some time now to see some of the “wrong” portrays of Singapore in the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders episode and the real Singapore. 

1. The Singaporean proverb

In Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders:
“Where there is a sea, there are pirates”

Never in my 24 years of life in Singapore have I heard of such a Singaporean proverb before. 

In Singapore:
“Kiang jiu hor, mai geh kiang” 
(Just be smart, don’t act smart)

2. Geylang

In Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders:
“Officially known as a “red light district” but more accurately as an overcrowded slum with a thriving underworld.”

In Singapore: 
A district with intricately designed shop houses and very good frog porridge. 

3. Changi Airport

In Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders:
I honestly don’t even know where they filmed this. 

In Singapore:
The real Changi Airport

4. The overly used Chinese Orchestra music 

In Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, there were a many instances where Chinese Orchestra were used to depict different locations of Singapore. Lanterns, too, were also spotted in almost every frame. 

No, we don’t blast Chinese Orchestra music throughout the year. That only happens during Chinese New Year. That doesn’t even last more than 2 months. 

5. The “Singapore PD” that kept speaking Chinese

Also, the “Singapore PD” as they call it in the show, kept conversing in Chinese throughout the entire episode. Even the mafias were talking to one another in really awkward Chinese slangs. 

Dude, you really think Singapore is in China, is it? 

Moral of the story? 

Please, just do your due diligence before featuring any country in the show. It wasn’t very nice of you to depict us in such a wrong light and it was so difficult to stomach the entire episode.

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