Student Gets Stuck in Lift for 5 Hours and Spent the Time Waiting for Rescue Doing his Homework

Cool as a cucumber is probably an understatement for this Chinese student who found himself stuck in an elevator for hours. Either that or these types of situation occur to him so often he’s no stranger to them anymore.

Trapped for 5 hours

Singaporeans, when they’re stuck in a lift for 10 minutes will start panicking. Well, either that or complain about the state of the nation’s economy, the numerous lift incidents and how the country is going from bad to worse.

Not this boy, though.

Unable to notify anyone via intercom

Initially, he tried all sort of ways to get himself out of the elevator. From trying to get in contact with anyone via the intercom to trying to pry open the lift door with his own hands.

All failed and 13-year-old Sun Yixiao decided to cut his losses and do something productive instead.

Slipped a piece of paper under the lift door

He wrote on a piece of paper, Someone is inside the elevator. Please contact the building administration and slipped it under the lift doors for rescuers to see.

Then, he sat down and pulled out his homework to while away the hours.

Firefighters only arrived after he was done with his Chinese, Math and Science assignments.

At least he got his priorities set right.

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