There’s Something Known as Husband Hug Pillow for The #Foreveralone

We’ve all been through the phase of #foreveralone at some point in our lives.

It’s especially tough when you see your pals from school, college and university settling down and deep down inside, you want to find a special someone too.

Sure, some of us are super-independent people who can live without a significant other, but for the others of us, we’re just hopelessly romantic and want a guy to share a tub of ice-cream at night while it’s pouring outside.

In Japan, they’ve found a solution for people who are single and want a hug. Brace yourself for this one, as it might make your eyes pop out.

Fellow readers, we introduce you to the husband and wife hug pillows. ALSO known as the huggable life companions.

Minus the heartbeat, face and pretty much everything else human, that is!

About the Husband Pillow

So, the husband pillow from Japan goes by the name of Wata Danna. Its size is almost the same as a male adult, but it looks like a gingerbread man in colour.

Go figure.

Its creators are Bibi Lab, and they claim that their husband pillow are the “most attractive” and yep, the most huggable ones too. The husband pillow has its own head, arms, legs and a torso to keep them together too!

The materials inside are apparently of the springy kind, so when a person hugs it, it does feel good.

Image: Japan Trend Shop

As the husband pillow are really close to being life-sized, its human owner can actually play dress up with the doll. Fit the pillow with a pair of pyjamas for sleep, or if you want to imagine him as a hunk I guess you could slip on some Levi’s jeans, a white T-shirt and that’ll do too!

No more worrying about sleeping alone again, as you now have a huggable “husband” doll for a partner. The husband doll also comes with its very own anti-static fleece cover, and this is brown in colour. The cover can be machine-washed.

The weight of a husband pillow stands at 2.9 kg.

And About the Wife Pillow

Called the Wata Yome, this pillow is pretty much the same in terms of features, but you get to imagine it’s a lady you’re hugging instead of a man. The weight of the wife pillow and its size is probably the only differences you’ll find.

Oh, the wife pillow weighs 2.6kg, by the way.

Image: Japan Trend Shop

If you were to order one online just for fun, it’ll cost you about US$159. Just so you know, this is not inclusive of its shipping fees, which come at another shocker of US$66 per item.

Sigh, I think I’ll stick to hugging my Winnie the Pooh pillow. Way cheaper and already there lei.

Plus, we want to stay positive and think that after some time, the right husband or wife might just come along, and not have to deal with getting rid of the husband or wife pillow then, right?

And oh, do you know that hugging something while sleeping has healing powers? Now you know.

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