This chiobu earns $12,000 per month by eating LOTS of food in front of a camera.

What’s the best job that you can think of? Getting paid to travel? But then you will also have to write many reviews and take photos. What about getting paid to eat? The Great Gatsby talked about the American dream, but we think that getting paid to eat is probably the Singapore dream. Forget the 5Cs, car/condo/whatnot. We just need the big F (not that vulgarity) but F for Food.

Food blogs might be all the rage now, but food vlogs are the new thing in Korea! This Korean girl doesn’t even have to come up with articles about food – she simply just has to record herself on camera eating all those delicious food. How easy and fun it is for her to make money – and $12,000 a month at that!

Of course, the person in front of the camera matters. Not everybody wants to see an average guy or girl simply eating quietly in front of the camera, or spitting food everywhere as they comment. This Korean girl apparently appeals to the masses because of her girly good looks, her appealing way of eating and commenting on the delicious foods.

Many of her fans commented that they also feel less lonely while eating in front of the computer and watching her – after all, there are not many people who don’t like to go on a date with a pretty girl.

She has over 100k followers on Youtube, so we guess that she is earning money through the advertisements. Besides that, users can send her balloons on another platform so that she is able to convert them to earnings in cash. We would also love to have her job – you don’t even need to pay for your meals! Who said there is no such thing in the world like a free lunch?

Watch her video and be surprised!

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Goody Feed Team

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