Tosh Rock’s Hilarious Video Review of a Hotel Wins the Internet

After the Ah Boys to Men series came out, Singapore younger generation of artists, Tosh Rock and Wang Weiliang (or Lobang King ver. 2) were boosted into fame.


And this singer-rapper-actor is as unpretentious as they come. You’ll think that after gaining fame and having to maintain his public image, he’ll present an upstanding image for the masses.


Yes, that’s on his public profile but hey, unpretentious and straight, remember?

His introduction of a hotel in the Philippines was frigging hilarious

Okay, so I was browsing through Facebook and came across this video he uploaded about his accommodation in the Philippines. 

It’s a video of him and Wang Weiliang complaining about the state of their room and it has since garnered 455k views, 4.5k shares and 9.9k reactions since it was uploaded on 12 November 2016.

The door couldn’t be locked, the toilet has to be flushed old-school style and the ceiling leaked. What they couldn’t believe even more was that for such a lousy room, they had a set of rules telling them what they can do and what they can’t.

Spoiler alert: we cracked up at the “door cannot lock, never mind. Ehh, can take out one!” part.

No names mentioned

What really won the internet, though, in my mind is the vibe of the video. 

Remember the hoo-ha we had with influential people who used their following to wreck businesses’ reputations one-time good one simply because they could? Yes, I’m referring to the Bali incident last year. 

In the video, it seems like he just wanted to share this unbelievable (granted, bad) experience with a hotel. There were no names mentioned, no hating involved and they were frigging hilarious. 

And he even clarified in the comment section that their hotel in Manila was fine, and this hotel was in a remote area. 

Watch the video yourself to get what we mean. 

**All images from Tosh Rock Facebook Page

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