Wah, New Zealand Man Paid $35,000 for ‘S’porean Bride’ & Realized She’s Married

How much would you pay for a bride? The answer should be 0, because relationships shouldn’t be based on a financial transaction.

Unfortunately, this New Zealand man found that out the hard way. Not the way where he ‘buys’ a bride, then have the relationship fall apart afterwards, but the way where his money was just straight up scammed.

The man, who was in his early 50s, wanted to look for a mother for his child, and saw the following ad on The Dominion Post newspaper on 26 June 2013.

Image: stuff.co.nz

According to the ad, a 45-year-old Singaporean lady was looking for a long-term relationship, which was exactly what our man wanted. He then contacted the number in the ad, and met up with Xue Li-Jun, a 59-year-old Christchurch resident, and was told to not mention the ad when they meet up with Jessica, the lady mentioned in the ad.

Image: stuff.co.nz

That’s Jessica on the right, and Xue Li-Jun on the left. Honey trap indeed.

Xue told Wallace, the unfortunate man, that a payment of $50,000 would demonstrate his ability to take care of Jessica. Wallace, after falling in love with Jessica over numerous meetings, agreed to the payment. He thought they could recuperate the money by setting up a small business, working together as a family.

Unfortunately, there was no business, and there was no Singaporean woman. Jessica turned out to be Malaysian. But that’s fine…the thing is, Jessica was also legally married to a man in Australia, in 2012.

Upon discovering that, Xue told him a further payment of $10,000 would secure a divorce.

Wallace was understandably upset, and tried to get his money back multiple times, to no avail. He then approached the police.

Xue was charged for fraud, and found guilty after just a one-day judge-alone trial. She had to return the money, or she wouldn’t be able to leave New Zealand.

After such a traumatising incident, Wallace was confident he could get his money back, and remained hopeful in his search for love. Props to him for still being so optimistic.

If you ever get so desperate as to try to pay for a long-term relationship, it might just not turn out well. There’s also Tinder, you know. Just swipe a few days.

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