Woman Laughed so Happily, She Dislocated her Jaws & was Sent to Hospital

We’ve all heard about how laughter is the best medicine, but it wasn’t the case for this unfortunate woman. She laughed so painfully hard she dislocated her jaw. Ouch.

Here’s what happened.

A 28-Hour Long Train Ride and a Pack of Cards

So this couple took a 28-hour long train ride all the way to Qingdao City, Shandong from Nanning and of course, it’s practically impossible to sleep your way through it.

Image: Google Maps

To combat the boredom, they decide to have a friendly game of cards to pass the hours.

The game got a tad bit too intense because the woman laughed and screamed a bit too excitedly when she got dealt a good hand.

She opened her mouth too widely and before she knew it, she felt a pop! and she couldn’t close her mouth anymore. 

It Took 2 Hours to Put Her Jaws Back

The husband immediately alerted staff on the train to his wife’s distress and they sped all the way to Guilin to get her medical attention. Medical personnel on standby in the city tended to her for 2 hours at the local hospital. 

No wonder people say when you play cards, it’s important to keep a poker face.

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