Worst Boss Ever? Manager Poisoned Employee’s Food Because He Slacked At Work

Not everyone can be a boss. That, I can safely acknowledge since I’m not really boss material.

But I’d still be better than this particular boss, I think.

I believe you all can admit to slacking at work from time to time. Most of the time, your boss will probably let you off with a warning. 

But that wasn’t what this manager at a Japanese restaurant did. Instead, he decided to teach his employee a lesson–by poisoning his food.

Talk about tough love.

This incident happened in November 2016 at one of the drinking taverns in Himeji City. The manager felt that one 20-year-old university student who was working part-time at the place was slacking off at work.

Instead of issuing a warning letter, firing him immediately or just inviting him in for a personal talk, he decided to poison his food instead.

Image: rocketnews24.com

He planted seeds from the datura plant, also known as Devil’s Trumpet, into a bowl of rice for his employee. 

These seeds are extremely poisonous, and eating them could result in side effects like amnesia, delirium, extremely dilated pupils which can be painful even under normal lighting. 

Image: rocketnews24.com

The manager came across information about the poisonous seeds from a book and bought them online.

Image: wikimedia.org

The employee, after eating the bowl of rice, couldn’t wake up delirious and couldn’t get out of bed. He had to be admitted to the hospital and it took him a week to recover from the poisoning.

The owner of the restaurant, who found his sudden absence suspicious went to the restaurant to find out what’s going on.

It was then that the manager confessed to poisoning the part-time employee. Horrified, the owner of the tavern reported the manager to the police.

The manager was arrested and sentenced to three years of probation. This means he will go free but has to refrain from poisoning another person for three years or he’ll be jailed 18 months.

Unfortunately, the name of the izakaya in the incident wasn’t disclosed. Netizens have expressed a desire to know where this incident took place. 

Because who would want to eat at a place which had a history of serving poisoned food, right?

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Feature Image: rocketnews24.com

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