Bukit Batok Driving Centre Sends 1-Cent Cheque to Learner After He Completed his Course

Imagine receiving a cheque from a recognisable establishment, only to realise that instead of a fat monetary figure to commemorate the end of the month…

You just got a single cent to end your day on the ‘brightest’ note possible.

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Now, the above might sound utterly ludicrous, but you know what they say;

Life is full of surprises. All kinds of surprises.

And apparently…

A one-cent pay cheque isn’t just a thought… but an actual reality.

Bukit Batok Driving Centre Sends 1-Cent Cheque to Learner After He Completed his Course

A Singaporean man recently received his outstanding balance in the form of a cheque, after finishing his driving lessons at Bukit Batok Driving Centre.

Lest you’re unaware, those who seek driving lessons at driving schools are required to book their lessons in advance. Most, if not all, however, end up using fewer lessons than initially expected, which means that the outstanding balance in their account (from the prior appointments) will be refunded.

Now I bet you’re wondering.

“Okay so the dude got his balance back. In the form of a cheque. What’s the big deal though?”

Well, lest you’re indeed thinking as such, here’s the “shocker”:

Speechless. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Posted by Hidayat Dzack on Thursday, 6 August 2020

The 37-year-old Hidayat Bin Hassan ended up receiving just one cent in his cheque.

Which if you think about it, might actually be of lesser value than the cheque itself.

And it seems that Hidayat is of the same opinion as us.

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“Speechless,” he captioned in the Facebook post.

Netizens Concur Too

Unsurprisingly, Netizens have concurred with the Facebook user, with some calling for the cheque to be burnt, and others finding the entire situation hilarious.

A few have also speculated whether it was a prank.

In the end, however, Hidayat chose not to implement any of the given suggestions, and instead went with his own:

Folding the cheque into a paper plane.

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Image: Facebook (Hidayat Dzack)

And honestly speaking…

It’s probably better off that way.


As a Wise Old Man once said:

“Money can’t buy you happiness. But a paper plane? It does wonders.”

In the meantime, why hasn’t anyone congratulated Hidayat for getting his driving license ah?

If you’re still struggling with your driving test and want to get back as much refund as possible, here’s a video on the tips to pass your test (and subscribe to our YouTube channel, please?):



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