1 for 1 Monster Curry in Northpoint City (Yishun)!


If you’ve not tried Monster Curry, you’re missing out on something big.


The local restaurant chain, which grows so fast that you would be surprised it has twelve outlets now, is famous for its gigantic plates of curry rice. Have a look and you’ll understand.

Image: monstercurry.com.sg

Other than that, its curry sauce, made from 14 different spices and cooked for two days, is a favourite among curry-loving Singaporeans (at least for me). Diners can choose five levels of spiciness – so far, my timid tongue only dare to try the level three, so if anyone has tried the level five and is still alive, do tell me if it’s worth a try.

Now if you really haven’t tried it before, and you live in a happy town called Yishun, then this is for you.

Image: Facebook (Monster Curry)

Every Monday and Wednesday, until 9 May 2018, there’s a 1-for-1 deal from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is what is written with the image in their Facebook Page:

Grab someone and head down to Northpoint City #B1-102 for our 1-for-1 Katsu Curry Rice!!! 🍛 🍛


#monstercurry #curryrice #japanesecurry #foodie #chickenkatsu #porkkatsu #sgfood #northpoint #igfood

Each plate is originally at $13++, so for that price, you can feed two adults.

Just a reminder: this isn’t the gigantic plate I’ve mentioned earlier, but one that’s for one pax.

But still, good enough.


If you stay in Jurong instead (‘coz Yishun is too happy, yo), there’s also another promotion.

So, let the monster within you be unleashed with curry.

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