1-For-1 Starbucks Promo For All Venti-Size Beverages Back Again For Three Days Only (23-26 Jul)

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No matter how happy with your life right now, there are still a couple of things we wished happens in Singapore all the time.

Things like getting GST Vouchers every single month.

Especially with the hike coming up, you know us mortals would love as many rebates as we can get, yeah?

And Starbucks 1-for-1

Image: Boyloso / Shutterstock.com

Lucky for you and me, one of these two is going to happen this week.

That’s if, you know, you consider Sunday at the start of a week. If not, just know that it’s going to happen next week.

1-For-1 Starbucks Venti-Size Drinks Back Again For Three Days Only

Having a hard day at work and just need something to unwind with? Or you’re feeling serious food coma and need something desperately to help you survive until the end of the day?

Whatever your reason may be, this could just be what you need.

From 23 to 26 Jul 2018, enjoy 1-for-1 venti-size beverages from Starbucks at all outlets from 3 to 7 pm.

And it’s available at all outlets.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid from 23-26 Jul (Mon-Thu), 3-7pm on any Venti-sized handcrafted beverage at all Starbucks Singapore stores
  • Limited to 2 redemptions per transaction
  • Lower-priced drink (including customizations, if any) will be free
  • Stars for Rewards Redemption cannot be used in conjunction with this offer
  • Not valid with any other promotions or privileges
  • Other terms and conditions apply

When we say all venti-size drinks, we mean ALL

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Unlike other promos which might exclude newer items on the menu, Starbucks has shown, once and again, that they don’t practise discrimination.

Everything goes.

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So if you’re always curious about how their new fruit drink series tastes like, now’s your chance to try it for yourself.

For cheap.

Ruby Red Grape Frappuccino® Blended Beverage

Image: starbucks.com.sg

Think grape jelly, mixed grape juice mixed into a smooth dairy-free grape foam. Taste the sweet, authentic flavour of grapes in this drink.

Prefer something a bit more…tart?

Apricot and Peach Yogurt Frappuccino® Blended Beverage

Image: starbucks.com.sg

Fancy something with a lot more depth? Then check out the new Apricot and Peach Yogurt Frappuccino® Blended Beverage which is tangy, sweet and all-around amazing.

Imagine chunky white peach jelly, layered with milk, ice and yoghurt. Then, topped off with apricot sauce.

No matter how little sleep you had the previous night, this refreshing drink is sure to perk you right up.

And finally, on an unrelated note…

I know I should’ve ended it there, but there’s a bit more about Starbucks I’d want to shout out about.

Specifically the fusion thingy they have going on.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Laksa Pie.

Yes. you read that right.

Starbucks has recently created the Mai Hum Chicken Laksa Pie and it looks absolutely amazing.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

You know what, just watch the video for yourself.

So there you go, a 1-for-1 Starbucks promo at ALL outlets plus an interesting pie that you die-die-must-try at least once.

Time to jio your coffee buddy out for some drinks liao!

You’re welcome! 😉

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