1-Metre Long Chicken + Seafood Platter from $100 in S’pore Restaurant

If you’re familiar with viral Facebook food videos in Singapore, you’d have come across SingaporeBeauty.

Despite its feminist name, it’s not a Facebook Page about make-up, skincare or haircare: instead, it’s about food.

Yeah, sort of like popular viral Facebook Page Damn Worth It.

And their food videos, which focus on unique makan places in Singapore, usually garner so many views, you’d wonder if people all over the world would have come over to Singapore due to a Facebook Page (no, not referring to Nas Daily).

I mean, look at this video: it garnered well over 4.7 million views, a number that’s not just rare but pretty much impossible to hit if we’re talking just about the local market:

I now know where I’d like to advertise should I have a F&B establishment, but given how lousy I am in doing business, I think I’d stick to my day job.

And in SingaporeBeauty’s latest video, it went crazily viral again.

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

No, not because of the pretty girls.

But because of this:

Image: Facebook (SingaporeBeauty)

Yah, a giant 1-metre platter that requires not just one person to serve, but two people to carry.

Image: giphy

Video of Restaurant Shared Over 5K Times in Three Days

And it’s for a good reason.

Here’s the video if you’re here just for the food:

According to the video, most of the platters can feed four or more people.

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And the platter isn’t just about chicken and prawn.

Take a look at its menu:

Image: Facebook (DM Chicken 分米鸡)

Here’s what you can expect to pay based on the seafood you choose:

  • Chicken + Chips + Korean Fried Chicken + Lamb Chops + Korean Crab + Salad + Cheese = $100
  • Chicken + Prawn = $110
  • Chicken + Squid = $110
  • Chicken + Baby Lobster = $118
  • Chicken + Lobster = $118

Want a smaller portion? There are smaller platters as well.

Image: Facebook (DM Chicken 分米鸡)
Image: Facebook (DM Chicken 分米鸡)

And according to Eatbook.sg, the food is worth the try, and of course the price is perfect.

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And the best part about this? It’s just a stone’s throw away from Chinatown MRT Station.


Here are more details about the restaurant (though I think it’ll be damn crowded since the video has gone super viral):

Address: 191B #03-00 New Bridge Road Level 3 Singapore 059423 (Do note that it’s in a shophouse and on level 3)
Contact: 6909 2758
Opening Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily

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