10 Advantages of Having a Resting Bitch Face (Like Being Approached Less by Salespeople)

You can’t help the way you look because you’re born that way. Unless you consider plastic surgery, then that’s a whole different ball game. Some people look cheerful and positive while others tend to look unapproachable when their expressions are in the default setting.

Do you have a resting bitch face? If you’re like most people who have resting bitch faces out there, you won’t be happy to own one.

But before you decide to wallow in self-pity, there are, in fact, a couple of reasons why it’s awesome to have a resting bitch face. Check out the list of reasons we’ve listed below and see if we’re totally right about it.

1. You get approached lesser by salespeople

Nobody wants trouble, least of all salespeople who have been getting No and angry glares all day long. If you look unfriendly, they’re going to think twice before approaching you because you don’t look like much of a yes person. In fact, your face might have already said no without you needing to open your mouth.

2. You get taken seriously

There’s nothing like a threat of displeasure to cut down on jokes and reintroduce tension into the group. If you need some seriousness in a situation, just show your face and you’ll have your entire group falling into line immediately.

3. You’re the typical “crouching tiger, hidden kitten”

There’s nothing more attractive to guys than discovering there’s a hidden side to a girl and the fact that they’re one of the privileged few people to see this side of you. They’ll hang on to you so tight you’d think he’s clingy.

4. People rarely try to start any trouble with you

After all, why court death? Starting trouble with you is like playing with a ticking bomb. Or so your face says. Pretty useful, no? On the other hand, people who really mess with you are going to be more aggressive. So be prepared to back up your looks.

5. When you smile, the world really stops for a while

Have you heard the saying, a smile can transform your face for the better? Now imagine you having that chao bin on the whole time, then suddenly you smile. It’s like the sun rising up over the horizon, the warmth of the sun hitting their faces.

6. Bad first dates don’t have sequels

After the first date, the guy will be so intimidated by your resting bitch face he won’t even dare ask for a second one. And if it’s a good first date? Just smile and believe in #5.

7. Your boyfriend will work harder to get that smile out of you

We guys like to know we’re making our girl happy. Because it’s so hard to get you out of your default expression, he’ll try even harder to bring a smile to your face. Because #3.

8. Nobody knows you’re feeling down

Sometimes, you just want to wallow in your own unhappiness and don’t want others to approach you with care and concern. If you were a bubbly girl, any change in your behaviour will trigger warning signs but if you have a resting bitch face, nobody is going to be able to tell if you’re down or not.

9. You get picked up lesser

Us guys, when we’re looking to pick up a girl will judge our chances and decide if it’s worth risking embarrassment to ask her out. With your resting bitch face, guys will probably move on because who wants to fight a losing battle?

10. You’ll Age Slower

Image: hercampus.com
Image: hercampus.com

Smiles are good but they create wrinkles as well. Since you don’t smile as much, your wrinkles will come out slower so you’ll look younger. Just be careful of those frown lines, yeah?

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