10 AirBnB in S’pore so breath-taking, it’ll make the perfect staycation


AirBnB is the ‘in’ thing now and most tourists would rather stay at these places than hotels or hostels.

These gorgeous and amazing apartments can be less pricey and yet have pretty awesome themes and designs! Here are 10 in Singapore so breath-taking it’ll make the perfect staycation.

Amazing B&W house for private event

AAgHeqg.img AAgHBll.img AAgH6Ty.img From what looks like an art museum (and a very grand and posh one at that), this apartment is so amazing everyone wants to stay here. This large grand apartment is the very definition of a palace in land-scarce Singapore because OMG–have you checked out the toilet?

Listing from Johanna

Terranova Luxury Apartment

AAgHeqp.img AAgHBlw.img AAgH4gT.img This 3-floor penthouse is truly luxurious. Located in the heart of the city, this apartment has a Moroccan design that screams bold and loud!

Listing from Fabio

Shophouse One Block from Orchard Road

AAgH6TS.img AAgH4gY.img AAgHyVe.img This heritage apartment is representative of our Singaporean dynamic culture. With traditional furnishing combined with a healthy blend of white, this is ideal for a charming and cozy stay.

Listing from Christina


Heritage Villa in Singapore

AAgH6TW.img AAgHh3z.img AAgHBlM.img This majestic heritage villa surrounded by a lush green garden will immediately transport you to a whole different world. Furnished with quirky cultural decorations, this apartment brings you away from the city and deep into the countryside. This vintage black and white penthouse also features a large private pool for a good morning dip or midnight swim. 

Skinny dipping anyone? Listing from Panagiotis

Garden Staycation

AAgH4hi.img AAgHyVC.img AAgH9rE.img The welcoming walkway in the middle of a garden is bound to keep you and your company comfortable. This bungalow has preserved its Peranakan influences from the early 1900s, and it includes a fantastic chill out area where you can simply lepat at without any worries. Doesn’t the bathtub just look so awesome?

Listing from Heritage @ 25

Great location and short walk to Orchard

AAgHeqX.img AAgHweP.img AAgHm2h.img This loft apartment has a modern day western design comprising of elegant marble surfaces. This apartment will make you wish your staycation never ends.

Listing from Diane

Country house in the heart of a City

AAgHh4a.img AAgH4hI.img-2 AAgHjBB.img Another mansion that’s designed like a hotel, you can be guaranteed an experience at this apartment which gives off an oriental feel coupled with traditional wooden furnishing.

Listing from Aarya

CBD Penthouse with private pool

AAgHwf3.img AAgH4hX.img AAgHerf.img A spacious penthouse with the beautiful classic spiral stairway sits in the heart of the CBD with a covered balcony and a patio. The patio on the second level features a cool geometric private pool for guests to enjoy the sunlight in.

Listing from Kat and Alex

Historical Black and White House

AAgHjBQ.img AAgHtPx.img AAgHm2F.img You’ll feel right at home during your stay here. Decorated with “homely” furniture, this unpretentious apartment will provide a good stay with a great pool in the backyard.

Listing from Phillipa

Birthdays, Baby Showers, Party Space

AAgH6UI.img AAgHBmK.img AAgHyWq.img Need a place to celebrate an occasion? This extremely large studio apartment is bound to provide guests with a fun time, what with the designs, KTV and even a bar.

Listing from Jing Ling

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All images from msn.com

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