10 Airline Foods So Delicious & IG-Worthy, They Deserve a Michelin Star

Image: cntraveler.com & delta.com

Most of us have various misconceptions of how Airline food suck. Thankfully, with all the gourmet awards that are taking place, these airlines have finally upped their ante to produce food that is not only edible but of a certain quality.

You won’t be surprised to hear people raving about the food they just had on their airline or post up a glorious Instagram photo of it that makes you question all the horrible airplane meal decisions you have made. So for those who haven’t had lunch today, you are going to enjoy these.

1. Eva Airways (Taiwan) – Hello Kitty Bento Sets

eva airway

Can’t bear to eat any of these. I mean, just look at them!

2. Lufthansa Airlines (Germany) – Mezze Plate, Bread Rolls and Tart


Do I spot fresh prawns here? #winliaolor

3. Air New Zealand- Red Wine Braised Beef with Polenta


Yup, an economy class menu. This is specially prepared by Executive Chef Peter Gordon – a celebrated chef with restaurants in both London and Auckland.

4. Delta Airways (US) – Grilled Shrimps with Rice


A truly first-class meal. It’s like fine-dining in the air.

5. Iberia Airlines (Spain) – Classic Breakfastenhanced-20535-1413286371-2

Croissant, omelette, ham, toast, fruit salad and orange juice – what can go wrong?

6. Japan Airlines – First Course Lunch


Looks like an Omakase meal, though it might not be that filling #justsaying

7. Thai Airways – First Class with Lobster Tail

5069032727_74f058b3d1 Looks splendid, doesn’t it?

8. Kingfisher Airlines (India) – Curried chicken and Indian-style bread


They are just lacking the Briyani.

9. Singapore Airlines – Roasted Chicken Noodles

1413446831508_wps_14_Luke_Lai_Follow_Singapore This kinda makes me look forward to my next flight with SIA. I mean, how can roasted chicken look so slick?!

10. Air France – Chicken and Pasta

1413458786567_wps_12_18_Airline_Foods_From_Aro They even serve you wine! Perfect!

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