10 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the hidden mall in Jurong: BIGBOX


Last Updated on 2016-09-25 , 1:29 pm

If you’re living in the west, you would have known about BIGBOX, right? But how well do you understand BIGBOX, the mall which has generated a lot of buzz for its unique marketing concept? Here are 10 amazing facts about this hidden mall in Jurong you probably didn’t know!

It’s Singapore’s largest warehouse retail mall
Big Box is the largest project built under the Economic Development Board’s Warehouse Retail Scheme. With about 400,000 square feet retail space, this huge hypermart spread across three vast storeys in an eight-storey complex.

They operate on a factory to storefront concept
Unlike other stores, Big Box aims to bring awesome pricings of warehouse outlets while ensuring great product range for consumers to take their pick, making it a one-stop place for customers to shop at.

You can find almost everything you need there
From fresh food to sports equipment to stylish clothes to home products, there’s almost nothing that you can’t find there. Big Box offers an extensive range of goods, not to mention, quick bites for you to munch on while shopping.

Singapore’s biggest frozen seafood food section
Love seafood? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can now grab fresh frozen seafood at Big Box’s Warehouse Mart! And believe us, you can find everything you need for a steamboat or a BBQ there.

The first time TT International is opening and managing a shopping mall.
TT International is Singapore-based player in the global trading of consumer electronics. It owns 51 percent of Big Box.

It is Singapore’s first drive through option for shoppers to pick up their goods
We are all too familiar with the pain of having to find your items in a huge ass store and deal with the snaking long queue. There’s nothing better than shopping and being able to pick your goods up in a jiffy. Big Box now has an online website where shoppers are able to order online – non-perishable items – and pick them up at Basement One. It will be a drive-through service, first of its kind to be offered in Singapore where items will be pre-packed, ready for your arrival.

To cater to Muslim shoppers, the hypermart has separate halal meat area
In other hypermarts, not all of them have a separate halal meat area and it can get rather frustrating trying to source for something as simple as meat. However, at Big Box, you are able to find halal meat as it has its own freezer section. Big Box is also working with Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) to get halal-certified.

You can buy services
Services such as music lessons for children, entrance tickets to attractions, renovation solutions for individuals – all at a discounted price. These services come in a form of coupons where you simply take them and pay at the cashier. You can even buy a car tyre from the tyre section and have it fitted on the spot!

They have place for children to play while their parents are shopping
To all parents, Big Box understands your pain of having to watch for your kids while finding your household items. Say goodbye to having to deal with your kids running around while you’re in a rush! Big Box has a play area for kids that allow them to have a whale of fun while you’re out shopping. So now you can shop with a peace of mind.

There’s a sleep academy
Whenever we go to IKEA, most of our favourite thing to do is to test try mattresses and lie on them. Well, now you can. With 15,000 square feet of retail space, there’s an area that features more than 30 brands of mattresses that you can test on. So go ahead and have your fun jumping from bed to bed!

Top Image: Tang Yan Song / Shutterstock.com