10 amazing things that will happen to you once you let go of the past


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 1:16 pm

It is a well known fact that when you let go of your burdensome past, it lets go of you too. Basically, you get released from a lifetime of haunted memories that refrain you from taking that much needed step forward towards the life you want. Most, or should I say, all of us want a carefree life free from the cumbersome remembrances of people and situations back then that have caused us much grief.

And so it comes to this. The 10 extraordinary transformations your body and mind goes through when you let go of the past.

You feel lighter in every sense
If you have ever cut your long hair really short, you will know the feeling. That light, airy headedness that makes you want to float away. That’s exactly how light you will feel mentally and internally.

You can start moving forward
Often our past becomes the ball and chain and as hard as we try, we cannot seem to move on as freely as we want with it weighing us down. When you finally let go, these chains will disappear and you will find it so much easier to start forging ahead and living the life you’ve always wanted.

You are free
Basically free to do anything you desire and free to talk about the past as if it were nothing but a passing acquaintance.

You have given yourself a chance to do better in life
When you finally give yourself a chance to let go of the past, you are also giving yourself a stab at a better life. It’s obvious isn’t it? Because your load is lighter, you are able to move upwards and out towards your goal.

You become a better person
Lesser burden, lesser frustration equals a happier and more well adjusted you. Enough said.

Your health will improve and so will your mindset about life
Lesser burden, lesser frustration and stress equals a healthier mind and healthier body. Need I say more?

The past no longer haunts you
None of the demons from the past will ever get a chance to scare you every again because you have banished them from your mind. Trust me, your past will ALWAYS try to bring you down, especially the bad memories but when you prove to be strong enough by beating it down, you become the master (or mistress), of your own fate.

Memories, all just distant memories
Everything will be just a memory. And nothing from back then will ever take charge of your life ever again.

You control your present and future
Yes, you become in control. Period.

A new day, a new you
The moment you let go, you will almost see a ray of sunlight seeping through. It’s a sign that a new beginning has commenced for you and it’s time to move on.

Letting go of the past may not exactly be the easiest thing to do but once you do, believe me, the amount of strength you thought never existed in you before will come through. I may sound like I’m preaching some kind of weird gospel but when you start experiencing the lightness I mentioned above, you may extend your thanks.

Let it go. Let it go.