10 awesome sleep habits you should cultivate today to stop feeling like shit the next day


You may not want to admit it but you’ve become this overgrown baby who’s cranky most of the time now. Why? It’s probably because you have bad sleeping habits.

You will be surprised to find out that you can actually be a perfectly functioning adult who’s motivated and not feeling shitty if you only learn to cultivate good sleeping habits. Thankfully, they’re not that difficult to cultivate.

So, if you want to wake up like a Disney princess the next day, practice these 10 do-able sleeping habits!

Maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule
Your sleeping patterns need to be consistent in order to maintain the timing of your body’s internal clock. This is because it will help you to fall asleep and wake up much easier. So having a regular sleep and wake schedule is very crucial if you want to wake up in better spirits.

Establish a pre-bed ritual to ease yourself into sleep
Pre-bed rituals are done to relax and prime the body for sleep. Bedtime rituals are known to have a great impact on your mood when you wake up the next day as it also determines your success. Some examples of good pre-bed rituals include reading a book, taking a hot bath and doing light stretches.

Go to sleep only when tired
Don’t force it if you’re not yet sleepy or you’ll be giving yourself very difficult time. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to make yourself fall asleep when you’re obviously wide awake. Trying to force yourself to sleep can actually cause sleep anxiety and nothing is fun about having an anxiety.

Only use your bed for sleep (And intimacy, of course).
Having to do activities such as watching TV, doing paperwork, texting and working on your laptop while you’re in bed is not a good idea because they stimulate your brain when your brain is actually supposed to be relaxed and on shutting down mode.

Have a comfortable sleeping environment
An ideal sleeping environment includes a room that is dark and has a nice cool temperature and a bed with lovely scented sheets and comforter. Then again, it varies for everyone so set up a sleeping environment that’s comfortable for you!


Limit light exposure before bed

Image: VectorLifestylepic / Shutterstock.com
Image: VectorLifestylepic / Shutterstock.com

Especially that of your smartphone as the effects are similar to sunlight. So if you want to have a good night’s sleep, please avoid going through your smartphone or tablet before bedtime as it will deprive you of adequate sleep.

Don’t nap close to bedtime
It’s advisable not to do this because it interferes with your sleeping pattern and will make it difficult for you to actually get proper sleep when it’s time for your actual bedtime. You’ll end up sleeping later than usual and then waking up an unhappy child.

Eat and drink enough—but not right before sleep
Especially drinking and eating rich foods or anything acidic as it can cause acid reflux to occur. You’ll have a hell of a time if you suddenly get a heartburn when you’re already asleep. It’s not a pleasant experience that I can assure you.

Exercise regularly—but not right before sleep
Working out is known to activate the body and stimulate the brain. So it’s best you do your exercises in the morning once you’ve woken up instead. However, you can do light and easy stretches before bedtime to relax your body and prepare it for sleep. So no nonsense like doing 5 sets of pushups before bed daily to ace your IPPT or something, alright?

Avoid caffeine, nicotine and other drugs that may interfere with sleep
Because we all know these things are stimulants and not ideal to take before going to bed but if you want to be sleep deprived, then be my guest. Save them for when morning comes.

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