10 Basic Fengshui Tips for Any House / Office to Turn It Into a Wealth Magnet


Last Updated on 2022-10-02 , 7:13 pm

There is a saying that a new year brings new hope, but the Chinese would rather say that a new year brings new wealth.

For those of us who believe in Feng Shui, here are 10 feng shui tips that you need to know for your house (be it old or new) to bring you prosperity. HUAT arh!

Keep your house free of clutter
Clutter symbolises getting stuck, and the number one thing that you do not want is for your wealth to be stuck. Keep your house organised and pack your things away neatly. Read up on organisation tips for the home and if you need more storage space, consider getting a cabinet to store away the things that are not used on a daily basis.

Open space
Open space means having a house with lots of space to move. In Feng Shui, open space means a good flowing “chi”. This simply means that the person staying in the house has space to grow, to allow growth of enjoyment, and for creation of more enjoyment. When you have room for more, naturally you can grow more.

Find your “money area” and treat it like royalty.
There is a money area in your house that needs special attention. In order to find this place, you would need to invite a feng shui master to read the energy map of your house. Once the area is located, treat it with tender loving care. Decorate the place with symbols of wealth such as your favourite jewellery items and valuable objects that are important to you. You can also include wealth attracting feng shui items such as amethyst, jade, or the simple but elegant clear quartz.

Grow some plants
You can either choose to put plants in your money area or anywhere else in the house. The important thing is not the location but the type of plants. Choose lush, leafy plants that grows well indoor. Examples of suitable plants are the money plant, the bamboo plants, and the peace lilies. Having a few handsome, solid pots of plants will attract wealth for nature is recognised as the owner of ultimate wealth and abundance.

Gold Colour
The best feng shui colour is gold. Gold symbolises wealth and well-being. Hence, it is ideal for you to have some well-placed items that are gold in colour. The catch would be to actually like these gold items and they have to match the general décor of your house.

Fountain of water
The association of water with wealth is an ancient belief. Fountains are always the most popular feng shui item for wealth as they are readily found and easily installed. A thing to note here would be that you must find good quality fountains. Buy one or more fountains (if you really like them and they fit the decoration of your house) and place them in the best area of your house.

Feng Shui Crystals
As mentioned in point 5, crystals are the must-have for a good feng shui energy creation. They symbolise the growth of abundance from the centre of the earth and are believe to be a great source of not just wealth but also health. You can start with a clear quartz or rose quartz as these are easily available and not too pricey. If you are willing to spend more, you can consider the amethyst or pyrite crystals. They are usually available but at a higher price compared to the quartz.

Pictures or Paintings
You would have heard that having a picture or painting of fishes is good feng shui. That is right, for fishes are believed to bring wealth. You can also consider having pictures or paintings of flowing water. Flowing water is considered to bring wealth into the house. However, do take note that the flowing water must appear to be flowing inwards to your house and not flowing outwards away from your house. Having the wrong direction could cause you to lose money instead.

Keep an aquarium
Similar to having a painting of fishes, keeping real fishes in an aquarium in your house is considered a good feng shui magnet. You can choose to keep either an arowana fish or a tank of small fishes. Either one will create a harmonious feel in the house to attract wealth. Besides, admiring your fishes after a hard day’s work keep you relax and stress-free.

Items of Feng Shui cures
If your house does not have the best feng shui, consider getting some feng shui cures to make it better. Common cures consist of The Laughing Buddha, the wealth frog (it is actually a toad biting a Chinese coin in its mouth), the wealth vase (it is a vase in which you place precious items and sealed for life) and also hanging items featuring the Chinese coin.

Do make sure that these items are able to match the décor of your home before you place them. A short note on the wealth vase – it is not supposed to be openly displayed but to be placed in discreet area in your house.

Now that you know these 10 feng shui tips, start building your home into a wealth magnet. I can do it, so can you!

Featured Image: Jay1974 / shutterstock.com