10 Best-est April’s Fool Jokes By S’pore Companies This 2019 That We Fell For

Image: KFC Singapore / Durex

For most of us, yesterday was the day we were pranked or we pranked others.

Relationships were put to the test as people tricked each other across the globe. Well, no surprise there; it’s the only day one can get away with minimal damage.

In addition to fooling around with friends and family, it has become a tradition for brands to deceive consumers. This got me wondering which brand was the first to start this trend.

It’s BMW

Vox states that the earliest known prank pre-social media era was BMW’s fake car advertisement in the 1980s, and in 2008, YouTube redirected every video link to Rick Astley performing “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Since then, brands have been having the time of their lives concocting jokes to mess with you and me.

Without further ado, I present to you the 红星大奖 (Star Awards) for the top ten brands April Fool’s jokes who left us feeling a whole lot of emotions for good or for worse.

1. Sunshine Bakery’s Bubble Milk Tea Bread

This was one trick I fell badly for.

Sunshine Bakeries took to Facebook to announce their upcoming bubble milk tea-flavoured bread which supposedly launches in May.

Now you have to understand this.

We, Singaporeans really love our bubble tea despite warnings about the high sugar levels so die-hard fans of the drink were naturally disappointed at the joke.

And it’s not like bubble tea bread didn’t exist. Hello BreadTalk.

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

For all we know, this might just be their way of testing the response of their product. Whether it becomes a reality or not, well played Sunshine. So well, it got over 5.5K shares.

2. The Beer Factory’s White Rabbit Beer

This might sound downright nasty to some but my love for white rabbit candy knows no boundaries.

The Beer Factory announced its newest edition – White Rabbit Beer which is only available for a short duration.

Unfortunately, they have confirmed that this is indeed a joke. Boo.

And 1.7K people shared this, whether foolishly or jokingly.

3. Durex’s Mala flavoured condom

Riding on the Mala trend, Durex has come up with their wildest invention – Mala Hot Pot flavoured Fish Skin Condoms made with real Mala oil, they added.

Attached within their Facebook post is a link where customers can supposedly spice up their love game. Well, if you clicked it out of curiosity or not, you’d be faced with this:

Image: Durex

Thank God it’s fake because it’s probably never a good idea to have chchillinywhere near your intimate areas anyway.

And it seems like people really love mala, because this garnered well over 17k. Hmm…

4. SgBus’s Express Buses to be free of air conditioning

Singapore Buses informed users that “a fleet of non-air-conditioned coach buses will be serving the Express routes to the city, giving a fresh, cooling ride!” on their Facebook page.

If you hear cheering at the news, it’s probably the 90’s kids (uncles and aunties?) who will stop cheering and start complaining again.

Now, this is another prank that should not become a reality, not in this heat, because it would cause a literal meltdown.

Cheaper fares maybe, but I’d rather not take the risk of squeezing with sweaty bodies.

Now, while this isn’t a brand but a Facebook Page that focuses on buses in Singapore, it still fool us enough.

5. KFC instant chicken

Known for their signature fried chicken, KFC hopped on the bandwagon and tricked customers into thinking they were going to release a 2-minute version of the chicken. Like the bubble milk tea bread, many Singaporeans wished this plan would take shape.

All you need is to microwave. If they’ve mentioned air-fry, then it could have been a tad bit more convincing #justsaying

6. Irvin’s Salted Egg Essence

If you’ve ever had Brand’s Essence, you’d know that it’s good but a little bitter. That’s why IRVINS Salted Egg took it in their stride to come up with a Salted Egg version of the Essence.

News traveled and Brand’s Singapore replied to their Facebook post with “This sounds dangerously addictive (and a little too indulgent)!”

Teamwork makes the dream work; free publicity for Brand’s too aye?

And it’s believable because nowadays, #EverythingAlsoSaltedEgg, right?

7. Grain’s extreme diet 

Looking for a diet with a success rate of 100%? Grain’s got you covered with their Slimbox which comes with a spoonful of rice complete with 2 anchovies and a broccoli. Mind you, they worked round the clock to come up with this recipe.

The Masters of disguise completed their prank with a functioning site which even had bogus reviews from taste testers.

Because broccoli never fails. Just ask anyone who’s been in NS.

8. Singapore Tourism Board’s Hawkerland

Singapore Tourism Board took to VisitSingapore’s Facebook page, to announce an upcoming attraction revolving around the theme of local delights – Hawkerland.

This is probably the only chance you’ll get to play with your food, but unfortunately, it’s just another joke too.

Since Disneyland didn’t make it to Singapore, we’re still hoping that the empty plot of land between Yio Chu Kang and Khatib MRT station can be used for some kind of theme park.

9. Ooh Singapore’s Mala Hot Spring

Putting the Hot in Hot Spring I see.

Iceland has the Beer Spa and Japan has a mud onsen. To be on par with the rest of the world, Ooh Singapore has announced the opening of Mala Onsen which comes in different levels of spiciness similar to the dish.

The Instagram post has since been removed (maybe they really receive too many requests?), but you get the gist.

While this may be a hoax, disappointed fans will be glad to know that they can fulfill their spicy fantasy in Chongqing China.

10. Ice Mountain’s Mala-infused Water

Your favourite Ice Mountain Sparkling Water just got a little… spicy. You’ll lava our new limited-edition mala flavour, available only at secret selected locations. Can you take the heat? 🔥🔥

Posted by Ice Mountain Sparkling Water – SG on Sunday, 31 March 2019

Similar to Suntory’s Transparent Tea, Ice Mountain Singapore announced the release of their limited-edition sparkling water with a spicy twist.

Would it wind up tasting like minty water? We’ll never know.

Singaporeans might love spicy stuff, but spicy sparkling water? Might as well drink chilli juice.