10 Best-est Foods from Bukit Merah That Are Worth the Calories in 2019


Last Updated on 2019-12-20 , 8:50 pm

In a land surrounded by an incredible variety of delicacies, we find ourselves constantly asking, “So what are we eating?”

This article will show you some of the best food I’ve had growing up in Queenstown area.

3 Thai Angels @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Image: Google Review (H Ng)

Less known compared to its counterparts at the hawker, this Thai food stall is a go-to when you’re craving for spicy, savoury food. The garlic fried chicken with rice is my favourite– the chicken is amazingly crisp and fragrant.

Of course, there are plenty of other options available on the menu such as green curry, basil minced chicken and prawn cakes. It’s good value for money too, as the portions are huge. Feeling like a stinge? No problem, just order one portion to share with a friend.

Address: 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-60 Alexandra Village Food Center, Singapore, 150120
Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Daily

Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa @ Alexandra Village Food Centre


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This never gets old: never. I’ve been having this dish since I was a kid growing up in the area and even if it’s already scorching hot outside, it doesn’t stop me from eating this. The laksa has been highly raved over and featured on numerous sites and channels, and for good reason too.

The broth is thick and savoury, and the delicious coconut-y flavour simply dissolves in your mouth. Don’t forget to get a drink to go with fiery hot dish; there’s a grass jelly drink stall just right next to the stall.

Address: 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-75 Alexandra Village, 151120
Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Daily (Closed on Sundays)

Love Confectionery beside Alexandra Village Food Centre


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If you still have the stomach for it, hunt for a dessert at Love Confectionery, an old-school bakery just a stone’s throw away from Alexandra Village. I remember emptying my coin purse as a child after school for the cream cakes with chocolate sprinkles. The cakes are amazingly fluffy and moist. A perfect snack any day, any time.

Address: No #01-60, 150122, 122 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 150122
Opening Hours: 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Fatty Cheong @ ABC Brickworks Market


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If you live in the area, you should know that Fatty Cheong serves one of the best Char Siew Rice in Singapore. Even if you’re not a meat lover, this plate of thick, meaty chunks will definitely change your mind. The roasted meat is simply mouth-watering! Being a chilli-lover myself, I always look forward to dipping the already perfect meat into the spicy goodness. Mmmmm.

Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-120, Singapore 150006
Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Daily (Closed on Thursdays)


Jason Penang Cuisine @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

One of the more underrated stalls at ABC Brickworks, the penang-born uncle serves excellent penang prawn noodles and assam laksa. On rainy days especially, the yummy, salty broths bring comfort to my chilly soul. It’s super addictive, leaving you craving more. Also, I’ve heard that the stall owner was the British High Commissioner’s Resident Chef. Pretty amazing huh?

Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-113, Singapore 150006
Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Daily (Closes on Mondays)

Swee Kee Wanton Noodles @ ABC Brickworks Centre

Image: yelp.com.sg

If you’re extremely particular about the texture of noodles like me, then you’re in for a real treat at this stall. The noodles are so springy that you can chew several times before swallowing.

Unlike most stalls that serve salty sauces, the wanton mee here is drizzled with a sweeter sauce. Very homely meal altogether. The stall always sells out by noon, so be sure to check out the wanton noodles earlier.


Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-39, Singapore 150006

Deji Fish Head Bee Hoon @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

By now, you should know that I’m a soup fanatic. And speaking of soups, the soup served here is to-die-for. While you’re in the queue for this (good things have to wait right), the uncle will ask if you want milk to be added to your soup.

I usually say yes to the milk, as it gives the soup much more flavour. But if you’re looking for a lighter soup base, the soup without the milk is good on its own too. I also love the deep fried fish chunks that are salty and crunchy, a perfect complement to the milky soup.

Address: #01-48 ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, 150006
Opening Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Daily

Wow Wow West @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre


Being a huge believer in good value for money (or cheapo, for short), Wow Wow West satisfies both my belly and my wallet. The portions are huge (just look at the massive piece of meat!), the chicken chop is well-marinated, and the gravy and coleslaw are fresh and delicious, too!

Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-133, Singapore 150006
Opening Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. & 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Daily (Closes on Mondays & Sundays)

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre


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Even though Jin Jin was set up after several other dessert stalls were established, this did not stop it from becoming the most popular dessert stalls at the hawker. As we know, long queues indicate tasty food, right? There is a consistent long queue at the stall but let me assure you, the dessert is worth queuing for. The Chendol has an extraordinary gula melaka sauce that is sweet and slightly salty.

Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-21 ABC Brickworks Market Food Centre, Singapore 150006
Opening Hours: 12:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Daily (Closes on Wednesday)


Guang Ji Bao Zai

Image: oysterdiaries.wordpress.com

For a lighter meal, give Guang Ji Bao Zai a try. The uncle, along with his wife, makes the buns fresh on the premises. Having eaten their buns since I was little, I was hooked to the incredibly soft char siew buns the stall has to offer: The filling is sweet and juicy.

Apparently, the uncle grills the char siew in a charcoal oven! Another thing I adore about the buns is that they are small in size. Unlike regular buns, these buns are easy to pop into the mouth. Where else can you find such goodies?

Address: #01-135 ABC Brickworks Food Centre, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, 150006
Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Daily (Closes on Thursdays)

Are you already hungry? Well, for a start, you can see that most of the goody foods are in ABC Brickworks Food, a rather old-but-gold hawker centre.

So if you’ve got only one day to explore Redhill, you know where to go.