10 best places to go if you’re alone at 3:00 a.m. in S’pore


Last Updated on 2017-05-13 , 2:55 pm

Singapore is well known to be a safe country. So safe that a girl could go home on her own in a taxi after a night of clubbing, slightly drunk, at 4am and still be unscathed.

That’s possibly also the reason why there are places that one can go and activities you can do should you be up and alone at 3am in the morning on our little island city.

It is normal for people to go clubbing alone in Singapore. It really doesn’t matter. Although most will still prefer to have some company. Check out the internet on clubs that open past 3am if you feel up for this.

Mamak stores
Singaporeans love to eat and yes, you have an array of places to go have a meal at even at 3am! Many blogs show you a list of such places so you can check those out if you are feeling peckish.

Mustafa Centre
Go shopping! Mustafa Centre is located in Little India and is opened 24 hours. You can find whatever you want and need within the same building, even gold jewellery! Awesome isn’t it?

Sing your heart out at some karaoke bars that are opened even past 3am. Do take note though that most of these karaoke places may not be children or family friendly. Just saying.


Walk by the beach
If you feel like enjoying some sea breeze, perhaps a midnight walk along the beach will do you some good. There’s East Coast and Pasir Ris in the east and West Coast Park in the west so there’s no lack of choices. Do be wary of being in such an open space at such a time of night though.

Go throw some balls! Who says you can only bowl when you are with a group of friends? Get rid of all that built up angst and bust some of those pins up!

Play some pool
Go to a pool parlour, opt to join a group there and pit your skills against each other while making new friends!

Watch a movie
Catch a movie and reward yourself with some alone time without having to converse with anybody. Try and book yourself a funny comedy and laugh your lungs out in a bid to tire yourself out before heading home to sleep it off.

Get dessert
Places like TCC at International Building are open 24 hours so it’s the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth at such an odd hour of the night.

Go prawn fishing
One of the favourite past times of many Singaporeans. A great way to burn off some time while not being too vigorous, hook some prawns and bring them home for lunch when you are up the following day.

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