10 best scenes from Descendants of the Sun that are worth 10 re-watches


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 3:39 pm

We all know the popular scenes that made us go either Awww! Or ‘Yes get that bastard!’ by heart, don’t we? Here is our take on the 10 best scenes from Descendants of the Sun that you might have missed out while busy swooning over Yoo Si Jin.

Where does it hurt?
The scene where Doctor Kang Mo Yeon asked Si Jin where does it hurt. Si Jin pointed to his left abdomen and Kang Mo Yeon poked right at his gunshot wound, thinking it was a prank. Ouch! She was shocked after seeing the wound and the way Si Jin looked at her freaking out is so freaking sweet!

Leaving in a helicopter
I bet anyone who watches DOTS remember this scene pretty well and you might have already replayed it in your mind a million times! Big Boss received a call and had to leave immediately via the helicopter that was sent to fetch him for his mission. Any girl would say ‘Yes!’ to Si Jin when he asked if they could have a movie date when he’s back. Just check out his adorable smile when Mo Yeon agreed!

In the cinema
Oh this is the ultimate couple goal isn’t it? They both look so perfect and cute sipping their coffees side by side. Si Jin then proceeded to ask Mo Yeon’s age and he was secretly happy when she called him ‘Oppa’, only to realize that Mo Yeon is his Noona.

Daily Drills in Urk 
It’s 8 months later and Si Jin is in Urk serving his deployment. And for the fan girls, there you go. Countless times of their squad running topless every morning. 

Filing official paperwork
We all know how much paperwork Captain Yoo and Sergeant Major Seo have to deal with for reporting and in scenes like these, we understand their unique bromance. When their Superior Officer Colonel Park starts squealing at Si Jin and Dae Young, Si Jin would answer that Seo Dae Young should have stopped him because Dae Young really enjoys writing reports, calling him ‘Writing God Dae Young’ when he was actually the one who skipped the reports.

Getting Punished 
Their punishments are simply hilarious. Not that we love to see them suffer, but Si Jin and Dae Young are always acting serious and all, and it’s just plain funny. When Colonel Park sends them running laps in full gear, Si Jin’s squad pretended to join in the punishment but nope, they were not.

Swag Captain Yoo 
Don’t you just love the scene where Captain Yoo and co. comes out to welcome the doctors’ arrival in Urk? Si Jin in his full military outfit, shades and all. Mo Yeon was stunned speechless. Si Jin then walks past her (acting cool) but he eventually picked up her scarf and walked towards her.

Their stalking techniques 
With Si Jin being a soldier, he spies on Mo Yeon with his rifle scope while Mo Yeon tries to eavesdrop on Si Jin with her stethoscope ON THE DOOR.

The Killing Spree 
The scene when Si Jin goes on his killing spree to save the abducted Mo Yeon from Argus. His suave actions are worth replaying countless times. Swoon. Don’t forget to replay the scene where he shot Argus’s gun away and admitted that he was crazy.


Myeong Joo caught the M3 Virus
This second pair of lovebirds are heartbreaking af. Dae Young rushed back to the base and hugged Myeong Joo tightly although she was supposed to be in quarantine. It was only then she realised she’s the one who caught the virus. And she tried to push him away. Aww.