10 Best-est S’pore TikTok Channels to Follow ‘Coz TikTok is No Longer for Youngsters Only

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You’ve definitely already heard of TikTok.

Or at least, you’ve heard your friends jokingly mutter “Mekdonal” or the cursed phrase “You say me one time, two time okay. Three times CANNOT.”

Yes, all of these originated from videos by Singaporeans (I mean, of course. Our accent is so distinctive. And also the angsty taxi uncles).

Even so, you might think that TikTok content from Singapore is few and far between. That’s where you’re wrong. Here are 10 accounts for you to follow (in no particular order) if you’re looking for more local content!

1. DADDY MING / @daddyming

Who said that TikTok is just for young people? This uncle obviously proves that wrong! The prank account is run by Cedric Ng, a 53-year old retiree. The jovial and cheeky uncle has garnered over 6.4 million followers (that’s the whole of Singapore and even more following him) by creating videos that involve him pranking his son.

From splashing water on him to caking him in flour, “Daddy Ming” seems to thoroughly enjoy playing tricks on his son. According to TODAYonline, Daddy Ming has been the one coming up with ideas for the pranks.

Ming Wei had expressed that his father was initially reluctant to be filmed, but it seems that that is no longer the case.

How did it all begin? Watch their first video below!


My son got SO mad at me for pranking him @mingweirocks 😝 #meme #fail #funny #foryou #viral

♬ original sound – DADDY MING 🦁 – DADDY MING 🦁

2. MING / @mingweirocks

Speaking of Daddy Ming, his son is just as well-known on the app. Ng Ming Wei is a Singaporean Taekwondo athlete who was the first in our nation to have won a Kyorugi gold medal in the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championship Men’s -58kg.

He mainly produces short skits on his TikTok account, which has a staggering 17.5 million followers at the time of writing.


They LIED to me 😣 #tiktok #love #viral #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – MING 🦁 – MING 🦁

While his humorous skits show a light-hearted side, Ng is serious about his Taekwondo dreams. As reported by The Straits Times, the 26-year old’s huge presence on social media began because of the need to attract sponsors to fund his participation in what would’ve been the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Given his popularity online, I’m sure his hard work will pay off!

3. Nancy / nanc.e

Given that we call our Singapore a multi-racial country, it should come as no surprise that we have different ethnicities that call this little red dot home. Yet, it still comes as a surprise to many of us that an African family would settle here and integrate so well into our culture.

From showcasing language and accents to everyday life situations, Nancy’s account featuring her equally hilarious siblings (@alvin.phil and @wendymzeline) will have you laughing out loud.

In fact, one of the first viral videos on the account is of her brother Alvin who shocked everyone with his localised accent and ability to speak Mandarin no less.


Their most-watched video, which has an astounding 15.3 million views, will compel you to bop along as they remind you to stay safe during the pandemic.


with a sick beat we’re not trying to spread germs but to spread love ❤️❤️ take care everyone! #fyp #foryou #coronavirus

♬ original sound – eva – N A N C Y 🦋

4. Benjamin Kheng / @benjaminkheng

Unless you live under a rock, The Sam Willows should be a familiar name right now. And Benjamin Kheng is no exception. The Singaporean musician and actor has 89.5k followers on his TikTok page.

If you’ve seen videos of the BenZi Project on YouTube (trust me, it’s quality content), you’ll know that Kheng has a flair for doing various accents. His page is filled with comedic skits, duets and music so that you can belly laugh and then vibe along after.


HOW DO YOU QUARREL?? 🥺 #fyp #foryou #tiktoksg #singapore #accents #accentchallenge

♬ original sound – Benjamin Kheng – Benjamin Kheng

5. WahBanana / @wahbananasg & 6. SGAG_SG / sgag_sg

I’m gonna conflate these two channels because you’ve definitely heard of them if you grew up with the rise of social media. WahBanana began as a comedy YouTube channel in 2012 and SGAG was created to be a spin-off of 9GAG.

Tammy started to see her dead boyfriend after an accident. But did she make him up? Or is there something else? Watch her story that's based on true events here:

Both accounts remain true to their roots as they continue to post funny videos with a local twist! Go check them out by clicking here or here.

7. yk / @yk

Moving on from channels that mostly produce skits, yk’s content will definitely make you go “oh snap!”

Ever wanted to improve on your photography skills through quick, informative videos? Well, now you can! From photoshoot videos to tutorials and bite-sized tips, his account is filled with aesthetically pleasing content that will be helpful to anyone wanting to improve their skills.


Not only that, most of his videos involve using a phone camera, so you don’t need to break the bank to get a good shot.


Here’s a quick and easy video trick to unveil your sunsets, give it a try #videotips #edit #foryou

♬ sofia by clairo slowed and reverb – maddy

8. Calvin Klein / @calvin_klein1180

I know some of us are thirsty but no, not that Calvin Klein (shoo, go somewhere else). But if you find bikes sexy, then this account is for you!

The page is run by FixieSG, a bicycle shop which sells both fixed and free gear bicycles. The homegrown business even allows you to customise your own fixie bike.
Most videos feature cool tricks on a fixed gear bike that’ll leave you thinking, “Huh, I didn’t know bikes could do that!”

Do remember that these tricks are potentially dangerous as many of their videos have warned, so make sure to take the necessary precautions before attempting them.


#calvinsticker #fixiesg #tiktoksg #sg #tiktoksingapore #singapore #cycle #cycling #ilovesports Bike Shop At FixieSG Bedok

♬ Reality – Lost Frequencies

9. OGS / @ourgrandfatherstory

You’ve probably come across them on YouTube or Instagram before. If their videos didn’t make you cry, it would’ve made you laugh or learn something new about life around us!

An up and coming media company, Our Grandfather Story (OGS) produces top-quality content on Singaporean life and issues that touch our hearts. Though their TikTok account has less than 10k followers, they’re sure to grow, especially since they have a strong following on Instagram and YouTube.

Their current series on TikTok—the “People You Didn’t Know Exist in Singapore” and “Have You Eaten?” videos—are the most popular on their page. OGS provides content that is indeed “overlooked and timeless”, just as they’ve promised.


Where Do Our Ice Cream Uncles Get Their Ice Cream? #funfacts #storytime #edutok #sgfoodie #flavour #foryoupage #xyzbca

♬ Dancing in My Room – 347aidan


To watch more videos, click on their account here!

10. tutiandyuki / @tutiandyuki

Animal lovers (especially cat servants) rejoice! Need to get the daily adorable critter fix that fills you with serotonin so that you can begin your day working for our capitalist overlords? Sighs.

While we, unfortunately, might not be able to eat the rich, you can still consume tutiandyuki’s cute content that will surely melt your heart.


hey you 💛 #wholesome #smile #catlover #clingypet #fyp #foryou

♬ papi chulo – p0tato

Just look at themmmmmmm *keels over*
Note: Author is a cat lover and 100% approves.


Bonus: Goody Feed / @goodyfeed

If you want to kill some brain cells, here’s our TikTok channel. It could well be the worst channel in Singapore but hey: at least we try.

@goodyfeedHe’s right, you know. ##sgcomedy ##sgfunny ##singapore ##singaporetiktok ##tiktoksg ##sgtiktok

♬ original sound – Goody Feed

Of course, whatever kind of content you prefer to watch is up to you! Just remember to take a break every once in a while amid the endless scrolling, dear reader. Yes, I see you. After all, it takes one to know one (heh).

If you would like to find out more about Singapore’s “Year on TikTok”, click here.

Also, to understand why TikTok is so addictive, you might want to watch this video to the end (and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos!):


Feature Image: Image: TikTok (@daddyming, @nanc.e, @tutiandyuki)

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