9 Best-est Thai Ads to While Your Weekend Away


For those not familiar with Thai ads, they are pretty well known for being either incredibly funny or insanely tear-jerking. If you think the last sappy movie you’ve watched pulled on your heartstrings, these ads will play your heartstrings like a goddamn guitar.

Which makes these short clips perfect for you to waste some time at work! If your colleagues notice and ask you why you’re tearing up, just say you’re doing too much work already. Maybe you’ll even get less work. Win-win!

Here are nine awesome ads to get you started.

1. Giving is The Best Communication

This ad perfectly describes the virtues of generosity without expecting any returns. The short clip starts with a street vendor paying for a little kid’s mother’s medication, then proceeds to show how kind and generous he was to everyone around him.

Fate eventually returns the favour, as the saying goes about karma. The touching ending is guaranteed to make you tear up!

The ad, named Giving is The Best Communication, is apparently for a Thai telecom company. Never would’ve guessed eh?

2. Unsung Hero

This ad stars a normal man, living a normal life. He is not rich, and he is able to support himself. However, he takes out a large portion of his time, money and effort to help out everyone around him, and I mean everyone, as he donates to the same beggar every day, feeds a wild dog with the meat from his lunch, and many other good deeds.

He doesn’t get anything in return, so why does he do all these? The ad answers this question wonderfully, and makes us think about our own behaviour.

Unsung Hero is an ad for life insurance. Go figure.

3. Silence of Love

The story revolves around a young girl and her deaf and mute father. The girl is resentful, as her dad was so different from other fathers, and cannot speak to or hear her at all. As a result, she couldn’t tell her hopes and dreams to him, and was constantly bullied in school.

But her father still loved her so much, and would do anything for her, even to the brink of death. The ending will surely make you bawl like a baby.


Yet another ad for life insurance, this one urges you to look out for your loved ones and never ignore their efforts.

4. Shera Ceiling Boards

We take a turn to the more ridiculous, as this ad stars 2 gecko lovers, hugging as though they haven’t seen each other in days. Suddenly, the “floor” cracks, and their lives are torn apart (quite literally).

I’m not gonna spoil the rest, and the ad is like under a minute, so you’re gonna have to watch it to see what do 2 geckos have to do with ceiling boards.

As the top YouTube comment said, this is still a better love story than Twilight.

5. Closer

In Thailand, everything is touching, and every story is a sob story. This one stars a young girl, depressed after her mother died, as they were incredibly close before. As a result, she closed herself off, and her father became very worried.

Seeing the LINE app that his daughter and his wife used to use, the father came up with an idea to cheer her up.

This ad for LINE (which is basically a different version of WhatsApp) conveyed the message of communication (with LINE) quite perfectly, all the while making you cry.

6. The Power of Love

You’ve probably noticed the running theme here: Everything is about love. This ad shows a new father panicking over his young child’s crying, and he had to call his wife (who was grocery shopping) for help. Repeatedly they tried taking advantage of technology for help, but nothing seems to work.

Finally, the father changed tactics, and the child quietened. You’re gonna have to watch this to find out what he did, but here’s a hint: this ad is for dtac, a Thai telecom company (again).

7. Disconnect to Connect

We take a break from the love stories and sad stories to this unique approach to describing the isolation from constantly using your phone. People around literally disappear, as your attention is focused solely on your mobile phone.


The portrayal of losing real relationships in this ad is very impactful, and warns of the dangers of phone addiction. Curiously, this is an ad for the same telecom as before, dtac. Odd choice of direction here.

8. Antidote for Workaholics

This ad hilariously makes fun of workaholics who could not even escape their work while on a date. The short clip shows a wife feeling terribly lonely as her husband keeps doing overtime work, and didn’t spend enough time with her. As she tries to talk to him, it seems the husband had been completely out of it.

The joke here might be a little old, but it’s still gold. Unfortunately, we couldn’t tell exactly what this antidote for workaholics did. Does it make you forget your work? Does it help you relax? We may never know.

9. Bangkok Insurance

This series of short ads riff on the concept of extreme improbability. You know the phrase, accidents happen, but did you also know that for the accident to fix itself, the chance is astronomically low? The ads hilariously illustrate this point, and implores viewers to not depend on such ridiculously low odds, and buy some insurance to protect yourself.

They just don’t do ads like the Thai.