10 brutally honest changes a woman would go through once she becomes a mother


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:30 am

You think you’ve survived everything. Those short deadlines for your projects at the office, the long, exhaustive hours of cramming facts into your head for your finals; and let’s not forget the 15 tequila shots, 10 beers and 2 Graveyards you survived after your hen’s night.

Motherhood, though, is the one thing that will break you into pieces, and fix you up all over again. You’ll become the ultimate parenting machine.

Here’s a couple of changes that happen once you’re a mother.

Your Social Life Is Pretty Much Dead
Having kids will tear your social life apart. In every sense of the word. You won’t be able to have a meaningful conversation as your toddler’s asking you for a sip of Coke for the 15th time. If you say no, she’s going to start a scene. If you give in, you’d have to deal with the disastrous sugar rush in the car.

Even as you’re out with your friends, you’re constantly texting the babysitter to see if the kids are fine. You’re not truly at peace until you’re home with them again.

Sleep for 8 Hours Straight? HAHAHAHAHA
A kid doesn’t really sleep on his own, nor does he sleep the entire night until he’s four or five. In the meanwhile, you’re their bed buddy.

The Bills Never Stop
The other thing that changes once you’re a mother? Your bank balance. It’s crushed to cents with insurance premium payments, groceries, toys, formula milk bills and yes, diapers!

Time is Your New Currency
You’re constantly driven for time as a mother. There’s the laundry to do and you’ve got to pick up the toys or risk getting hurt. You’ve hurt your foot, thanks to that awful Lego piece on the kitchen floor plenty of times already.

24 hours never seems like it’s enough. And in a few hours, you’re back to repeat mode.

Your Priorities Change 1000%
Once upon a time, you had your career to think about. Your hobbies were swimming and gardening in the weekends. You met with your girlfriends every Friday night for drinks at Clarke Quay.


These days, your primary focus are your kids. Everything else takes a back seat. You don’t have to say goodbye permanently to your plans though; just put them on hold for a moment.

You’re now a big kid
Having a kid brings out the kid in you. You get to play with dolls and toy cars again. Baby talk is so much fun with the goo goos and the gaa gaas. This experience gives you a window into the world of your child. You get to see things from their perspectives.

The New Outlook You Have for Life
Being a mother gives you a whole new level of appreciation for how mothers function. You tend to imagine the worst scenario that could happen to your kid in any situation. That’s what I’d call a mother’s intuition. It’s rarely wrong. Ever.

Your Husband and You Have an All-New Relationship
It will take time to learn how to juggle being a mother and a wife. Co-parenting is a good solution which will help you strengthen the bond as parents and partners. Share ideas on how you can bring up your kids together, and learn new things about the love of your life.

Your New Responsibilities
These new pairs of eyes look at you for direction and attention. You are responsible for bringing up a person. The art of nurturing and rearing can be read in dozens of books, but nothing beats your maternal instinct and hands-on parenting.

How You See Yourself
Your body changes after you’ve delivered. Some mother’s take two months to get their figure back. Others, never.

What matters most is that you’ve brought a life into this world, and you don’t have to worry yourself over those 2 kilos that aren’t going away.

These facts might seem scary to you, but parenting is a beautiful experience. Kids grow up so fast, so capture each moment and live each day with giggles, snuggles and smiles!

Top Image: ucchie79 / Shutterstock.com