10 brutally honest differences between “in a relationship” and “in love”


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:41 am

Love and just “being in a relationship” can have huge differences. At this point in time, you can be in both, you can be in one of them, or you can have none and go cry in the corner (just kidding, being single is perfectly fine!). Below are some honest, brutal differences between these two statuses.

Love hurts the most when it is unrequited, when it’s one sided. Sometimes, the person you love can be attached to someone, and you are forced to act like it’s no big deal, even when it kills you inside.

Relationships are expected to last
A relationship is a commitment and the people involved are expected to remain loyal. When you’re in love, things are done in the heat of the moment.

Love can be too idealistic
Especially in one-sided love, people tend to dream of what can happen between the person of their dreams, and what they’ll do with them. Sadly, these are just dreams, and often impressions of people change once you get to know them better in a relationship.

In a relationship, tolerance and understanding is key. In love, passion is what keeps it alive, but let’s face it, to make a relationship last, you gotta learn to love every aspect of your partner.

When you’re in love, you don’t commit but you want to
Sometimes, being in love but not a relationship may be easier for those with commitment issues. If you’re one of those, and your partner is looking for a long term commitment, be careful, you might just break his or her heart!


You may cry
Being in a relationship should be a serious thing, not like a summer fling or a one-night-stand. Being in a relationship means at some point in time, things might not just work out, and breaking apart can be just heart-wrenching. Love can fade over time as perspective changes.

In a relationship, things may be bland
A relationship, especially a long term one, can be bland as you can predict your partner’s emotions, words and action. Love has an element of anticipation and unclearness which keeps the flame burning.

Be careful, being in love may give false hope!
Love is a honeymoon period where you view things in rose-tinted lenses. Everything becomes much more colourful, vibrant, but watch out, as they always say, the honeymood period might just go bby really quickly.

Even though love and relationship can occur at the same time, a relationship emphasises on commitment. This means loyalty, spending more time, and (sometimes) repressing urges at oogling at the cute girl or guy!

You need love for a relationship, not the other way round
Relationships are founded on love, but love can never be forced from a relationship. It is possible to make love last, but you need a strong relationship too. They work hand in hand, and being in love, in a relationship requires effort!

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