10 brutally honest signs that your friendzoned level is completely irreversible

Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:37 am

Wondering if your crush is treating as a friend or something else? Well here are 10 signs that can help you out to find out if you’re in that dreaded friendzone and whether it’s time to get out and move on or not.

The sibling
“Eh bro wanna go watch a movie”, or “You’re such a dear sister”, is really the last thing you’ll ever want to hear from a crush.

You know when your crush is not into you when he or she starts pairing you off with a friend of theirs. You really just want to tell him or her that he/she is the perfect one for you, but he/she doesn’t seem to acknowledge it. You put on a fake smile and reject him/her politely but really, it kills you so much.

Asking favours
When your crush starts asking you for favours, it might be a sign that he or she is taking advantage of the fact that you guys are really, just friends. It’s a bit paiseh to ask someone you like to keep doing stuff for you, so when your crush starts repeatedly asking you for favours, you know he/she is not into you.

When the person takes damn long to reply
People who take SUPER long to reply are honestly incredibly annoying – it’s a blatant disregard for your feelings. Especially when their last seen is later than your message on Whatsapp. When your crush doesn’t respond quickly enough to your messages, he or she doesn’t regard you as a priority.

Blue ticks
What can be worse than the dreadful blue tick? Blue ticks can happen when someone friendzones you – when you two are such good friends that you know that blue tick doesn’t affect your friendship. But when you want to engage your crush in a conversation, but your crush blue ticks you, it might be a sign that he/she is just comfortable with the way things are.

Talk about dates
When your crush talks about his or her dates, and shares how happy she is with another person, you are immediately friendzoned. Banished into the deepest, most irrevocable zone of friendzone.

Inviting their friends along
When you ask him or her out on a date, and another random friend pops up, he/she clearly, and in fact, too clearly, suggests that he/she wants a normal friendship.

Too casual
If you notice that your crush really doesn’t care about how he/she portrays his/herself infront of you, it’s either the person is way too comfortable with you (which is totally a good thing), or that he/she just doesn’t give a damn about his/her looks in front of you, which suggests that they’re not interested in pursuing anything more with you.

Proclaims a lot about your friendship
“You’re my best friend” is also one of the top few easiest, and clearest way of saying “You’re not getting anywhere past friendship”

Asks for advice
Asking for advice means he or she regards you as a helpful friend – he or she thinks you are wise, and that you two belongs to different levels. When you keep guiding him/her through life, you become a father, or mother figure instead. Does that count as parentzone?

Top Image: Pepsco Studio / Shutterstock.com