10 Creepiest Earrings From Around the World Only Daredevils Dare to Wear


Earring has always been an accessory loved by many, both males and females. Not only does it spice up your outfit but also adds a touch of individuality.

However, the earrings below look so creepy you don’t even know whether you should wear them…or just throw them away.


Image source: creepybasement.com

I don’t know whether the designer is genius or sick. This pair of earrings would look really cute if not for the baby legs. Legs on ears? Thanks, but no thanks.


Image source: creepybasement.com

This would probably look fine from far away but on a closer look, these arms that are stretched out straight would scare you a little.

More arms…with red nails

Image source: creepybasement.com

Somehow, the red nails make the arms look even scarier. 


Image source: oddee.com

Not only is the pair of earrings made from dead seahorses but rhinestones have also been added to their eye sockets. How sick wonderful.


Image source: oddee.com

This set of jawbone earrings is made with gold, adding a touch of class to scariness.

Squirrel’s feet

Image source: oddee.com

Squirrel’s feet were used to make into earrings and necklaces. I don’t know how anyone can bear to have their skin touch the feet.


Image source: incrediblethings.com

These earrings look so real that I would believe someone’s ears were chopped off to make these earrings. But this is the most ironic earrings ever–ears on earrings. Perfect.


Image source: etsy.com

I can’t bear to look at this pair of handpainted earrings for another second, and yet people hang them on their ears.


Image source: pinterest.com

The blood on each tooth makes the earrings ten times scarier.

Barbie doll

Image source: pinterest.com

I don’t think barbie doll can get any creepier than this!

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Featured image: creepybasement.com

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