10 Cute Cats Abandoned In Marsling After Owner Moved House In Urgent Need of New Homes


Aspiring to be that crazy cat lady with 10 cats? This is your calling.

Jokes aside, these cats really do need help. Yesterday, a netizen uploaded an SOS post on Facebook calling for people to adopt 10 poor felines.

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Left Behind When Shifting Home

According to Facebook user, Siau Li Chao, the owner had moved homes last year and left the cats behind at the void deck of the block.

This caused the void deck to be filled with cat faeces and urine, not forgetting 10 innocent lingering felines. There were also issues of fights between them. Also, do you call fights between cats a catfight?

Not a cute sight to imagine in your head.

The cats were also unsterilised in the beginning, but have since undergone Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM).

So now, these sterilised kitties are safe to be raised at home.

What kind of cats are they?

It may be a little hard to see, but these cats are Russian blues. They’re one of the most popular cat breeds in Singapore and are known to be playful once you gain their trust despite their quiet and reserved exterior.

They are currently located at a void deck in Marsiling.

In Urgent Need of Adoption

According to the Facebook post, some of the cats are tamed, which means that they’re gentle and tolerates the presence of humans. And some of the other cats are skittish: This means that they’re easily scared, nervous, even.


Regardless of its personality, the same amount of love should be given to each of them.

It was made clear in the post that the relevant authorities and MP are aware of the cats, and urgently require adoption now.

Adoption Criteria

If you’ve always wanted to have a cat or wish to foster a cat, this is the criteria you would need to follow:

  • Have mesh windows and gates in your home. This will help ensure the safety of your cat by blocking out possible passageways for them to fall to their death or escaping. (Which can be seen quite frequently on Facebook according to the netizen, so do not compromise the cat’s safety.) Happy kitty, happy owner, happy universe.
  • The cats have to be kept strictly indoors.
  • Let’s say you’ve adopted one of these cats, and you’ve just found out that you’re allergic to cat fur. You have and I cannot stress this enough, have to return it. Do not abandon it.
  • Similar to any other adoption, you’ll have to allow a home visit before you adopt the cat. This has to be done in order to ensure that your house is a safe and conducive environment for the cat to live in.

To adopt any of these cats, you can drop the netizen who posted this a Facebook message.

So if you’re looking for a fur companion, a new friend, or have extra space for a furkid, please adopt a cat.

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You would make their world a better place to live in, as they would to yours.

And for those who are wondering if the cats’ previous owner will be brought to justice, Siau has this to add:

Image: Facebook

Anyways, cats are cute. Please help them.