10 Cutest Cat Videos to Help You Destress ‘Coz Cats = Adorable Overloaded


There are two types of people in the world—you either like canines or felines.

Me? Please don’t make me choose.

If you belong to the latter, your browser history must be filled with a slew of cat videos in ridiculous situations or they are just ****ing adorable

The said videos were there for you in your time of need, from curing your Monday blues to killing time during work.

I have amassed 10 insanely cute videos that will help you get through the week, you can thank me later.

1) The politest catfight ever

Never have I seen such a civilised cat fight. If it were dogs, you would be seeing blood and fangs and hearing lots of barking.

2) Grumpy cat taking a bath

Cats are known for hating water and this video proves it. But it still looks so cute despite looking displeased.

3) Scaredy-cat

I legit want to know what horror movie is the cat watching. That intense commitment is commendable.

4) Kittens in tissue box

Every cat owner would know by now not to invest in any elaborate scratching posts as most of the time they would be caught playing with everyday household items like these kittens.

5) Cat vs Watermelon

For this match, we have a very cute contender that will be challenging a very rotund watermelon. May the best man win.

6) Kitten stuck in a hamster ball

Cats are liquids, taking shape of any container, just like this kitten’s (feeble) attempt to try to fit into a hamster ball.


7) Cat can only poop while standing

This cat only poops while standing up, talk about class coming out from its ass.

8) This kitty is just ridiculously cute

Even dog lovers will be smitten by this video. Who needs babies when we can have kitties!

9) Dogs and cats are friends after all


The age-old question: Can dogs and cats be friends? I guess that myth is debunked now.

10) Hello, kitties!

Imagine waking up to see a clowder of cats waiting at your doorstep. I would die and got to kitty heaven.