10 devious tricks girlfriends use to keep their boyfriend at home when they’re not with them


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When girs are not with their boyfriends, they might get paranoid and insecure. They may not want to show it to their boyfriends, because who the hell likes control freaks, but you can be sure that they’ll make use of underhand tricks to get what they want. After all, all is fair in love and war, right?

Here are 10 devious tricks they really use to keep their boyfriends at home when they’re not around. Ladies, how many have you used before?

Call you for a chat
She’ll call you out of the blue and have a little chat. Next thing you know, it’s been 2 hours.

Skype with you
She randomly told you she wants to Skype. Actually it’s just her way to secretly check on you and make sure you don’t go out.

Learn to play some computer game with you
Hell, she’ll even go to the extent of learning how to play DOTA just so she can play a game with you and keep you home. Didn’t see that coming, didn’t you?

Suggest a movie that you must watch now
She suggests to you this movie is a ‘must-watch.’ She demand that you watch it now while on the phone with her so you can “discuss” the movie together.


Hint at being hungry
She may be busy with her projects at home and couldn’t meet and hang out with you but she doesn’t want you to go chiong with your friends so discreetly ask for food delivery from “boyfriend delivery services”.

She tells you it’s that time of the month
She says that so you’ll just freak out and stay home to be a good boy. You don’t want her raging hormones to find out you were out for a good time while she was suffering.

Say she’s not feeling well
She’ll tell you that she’s not feeling too well. And this means you’re obliged to take care of her. Or at least, do something for her that makes her happy. Which means you’ll be going out, not to chiong but to her house.

She guilt-trips you by bringing up a mistake you did before. You’re better off just staying home and reflecting on yourself.

She has spies monitoring you at home
Perhaps she’ll use this to ensure you’re home. Yes, you have spies in your own home.

Ask you out on a morning date the next day
How are you supposed to wake up for that 8am date with her the next morning if you don’t stay home.

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